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Crime has become a part of the tradition of the city. Since there is no regular police force, and since people uproot and come from all over the world to live in the City despite an absence of jobs and a strangeness of infrastructure that makes abuses of power all too likely, crime is a sad necessity. The city imports all its food, so eating is expensive, particularly finding fresh produce in Ghost Town. Money has to come from somewhere. Increasingly, it’s come from crime and corruption. Ending up in the Panopticon is not unheard of for many citizens of the City.

White RabbitRoster

While there may be dozens of copycats of the infamous group of intelligence gatherers and brokers, there is only one organization that earns the prominence of being the White Rabbit. Playing host to a global network of black market buyers and sellers, the White Rabbit is notorious for being a mover and shaker on the world scene. In the City they are believed to be the leading cause for intellectual piracy and the leaking of corporate - and government - secrets. Countless mega-corporations have been exposed and exploited by the White Rabbit and it is believed that most large businesses - who seek to avoid victimization by the group - pay protection fees.

The City’s security personnel have failed to pin them with crimes for two decades, and attempts to infiltrate the crime organization has failed, often spectacularly. Police have two major problems when tackling the White Rabbit: first, that it is a decentralized organization, and secondly that they seem to have perfected the art of toeing the line of legality. At least, on the surface.

Information is Power

| The White Rabbit specializes in the acquisition and monopolization of information, believing that knowledge is as good as gold. Buying and selling secrets is their speciality, as well as digging and snooping to uncover them.

Violence is Unnecessary

| Unlike most criminal groups, the White Rabbit appears not to resort to violence at first blush. Most of their wrath is incurred through the ways their victims fear most: intelligence leaks, resource drain, and exposure to the public. It appears the White Rabbit prefers to stay clean and avoid blood stains.

Chokehold Control

| Despite being decentralized, the White Rabbit exercises a peculiar amount of power. No one may really know who The White Rabbit - the original White Rabbit - is, but when the White Rabbit speaks, the organization jumps. Those that fail to follow protocol or prove to be unreliable often meet unfortunate and abrupt ends. Traitors among the organization do not exist for long.

Secrecy is Paramount

| Organization members know only what they need to know. To any member in the organization, it is unclear how many members exist and what tasks they are up to. Mystery shrouds the White Rabbit and remains their main defense against infiltration.
The White Rabbit organization is led by someone known as ‘White Rabbit’. It is unclear who this person is (or if it is human or otherwise) and details surrounding the leader is shrouded in misappropriation. The White Rabbit seems to guide the group in a laissez faire style of leadership. But rest assured, as little as you know about it, it knows much more about you.

Organization of the group beyond that leadership position is rather dispersed and decentralized. There are only three ‘ranks’ that a person occupies within the faction, and these ranks only describe relative functions as opposed to chains of command.
Leader | The White Rabbit
It is unclear if the leader of the organization - the White Rabbit - is a person or persons, though the running theory suggests it is a council group that heads the faction. The White Rabbit may appear strangely omniscient, knowing details and information about specific individuals that it should not otherwise possess. The White Rabbit often allows the organization’s agents to operate in small cells to achieve their own ends, but will occasionally arrange for specific orders to be followed. Ignoring or disregarding orders received by the White Rabbit is unheard of within the group.

Mad Hatters

Mad Hatters are Free Agents. They do not operate in groups, but instead act as individuals in the world environment. They have generalized talents and skills that make them useful to the White Rabbit. Many Mad Hatters lie dormant, while others are actively performing tasks for the organization.

March Hares

March Hares are Lead Agents. They are the head of groups containing - at most - fifteen individuals. Most March Hares control a group of four to five. March Hares are organizers: they group Cheshire Cats into task units to achieve a goal.

Cheshire Cats

Cheshire Cats are Special Agents. They have specialized skills or talents that are valuable to the group. Given their highly specialized talents, it’s rare that any particular task can be completely handled by one Cheshire Cat. Thus, it is common to see Cheshire Cats work together along with a March Hare to achieve a desired effect.
Other Leadership
White Rabbit do not have any other form of leadership amongst them besides The White Rabbit. They are expected to govern themselves: to work alone or in a team, with each member given equal authority.
Key Words

Intelligence Agents

Information Brokers


White collar crime



Confidence Schemes

Black Market


While there are a number of criminal organizations that call the City their home, Kairos maintains a reputation of fear-mongering and ruthlessness that classes it among the most dangerous groups around. Kairos dates back to the collapse of the barrier, with ‘Kairos’ being the name of a demon lineage that once ruled the group with an iron claw. The Kairos family has since been overthrown - their names ushering in respect, but no real power among the organization.

The Kairos faction serves their own interests and seek power and wealth beyond all else. They keep their clutches on the pulse of the City and intimidate many of the smaller factions into obedience.

The Family Business

| Though it has been centuries since the Kairos family has ruled, the organization has chosen to maintain Kairos as a family business, and attests that blood is thicker than water. Those who are descendants of the ‘original Kairos’ (a handful of families) occupy many of the ranks above foot soldier in the group.

Pax Romana

| Chaos is bad for business. Consequently, the state of the streets is important to Kairos and their floors are often kept relatively clean and peaceful. To say they are territorial would be an understatement. They have always been intolerant towards other factions muscling onto their turf.

Three Generations of Revenge

| ‘Mercy’ isn’t a word in the Kairos vocabulary. They are a ruthless lot that play for keeps. They do not keep prisoners, but instead choose to annihilate their enemies… and their enemies’ families up to three generations forwards and backwards.
The organization is led by a person known as The Matriarch. Despite the interest for generations in switching the term to the ‘Executive’ or something more gender neutral, the leadership position within the Kairos has always been referred to as the Matriarch or the Patriarch.

Organization of the group beyond that leadership position is extremely regimented. These ranks tell a story of a clear chain of command, though it’s not exactly unheard of for people to subvert and twist their assigned rank.
Leader | The Matriarch
She is not someone to be trifled with. A figure cloaked in mystique, the citizens of the City talk about her in hushed words, and in many ways most cops are too scared to go after her directly. Even the most idealistic and hotheaded of the Spirit Detectives might quaver when thinking of the Three Generations of Revenge she doles out on her whim.

Vice Lords

Vice Lords are the heads of the different Kairos families. There are seven Lords, and each Lord represents one of the seven families the Kairos acknowledges, though nowadays family is a loose term and it's just as likely the lord may not have anything to do with the family's original bloodline.

Each branch is granted a particular division of the family business to handle and control, and each branch tends to employ many of the descendants of their particular bloodline.

Though each has their specialty, that rarely stops them from stepping on one another’s toes and competing for the Matriarch’s recognition.


Captains are ‘middle-managers’, who in turn give orders to elites. Every Lord has a number of Captains under their control.


Elites are unranked members of Kairos.


Associates are those who are affiliated without being considered insiders.
Current Vice Lords

Luxuria Family
Import & Export Smuggling

Played by OniiKashiro Henche | Solo Demon

Gula Family
Sex Trafficking

Played by Sekah Taiga Hisoka | Human with Civil Demon

Avaritia Family
Weapons Dealing

Played by BrimAiden James Romano | Solo Demon

Acedia Family

Played by Open Human with Primal | Human with Civil | Solo Demon

Ira Family

Played by LarksAlehkar Garieptol | Solo Demon

Invidia Family
Money Laundering & Gambling

Played by EdenAzumi | Solo Demon

Superbia Family
Drug Trafficking

Played by Lady KyoMikhail Ashcroft | Solo Demon

Purgatorio Family
Weapons Manufacturing

Played by LavadakinsJinki | Solo Demon
Key Words


Arms dealing





Family Legacy