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The City is protected by private police forces, independent contractors who are essentially extralegal mercenaries. Not truly under the watch of umbrella organizations, they occasionally come into conflict with bodies of nations like the UN. Nobody has yet come up with a better system (or the money and time to implement it), so they’re allowed to operate as they have for the past sixty years unabated.

Spirit DetectivesRoster

The Spirit Detectives were founded over thirty years ago, though there’s been turnover, deaths, maimings and burnout in those years. Legend has it that the original Spirit Detective was a comics junkie, and only eighteen when his private police force was started. It’s hard to deny that, even to this day, many young powerhouses in the group think of themselves as superheroes. In the complex realities of life, in which so much is grey and almost nothing is black and white, this idealistic thinking is growing twisted, the good intentions of a Batman, Superman, and Goku-loving teen constantly compromised, over and over again. Originally formulated as a band of heroes, there’s plenty on this team of private contractors who have looked into the abyss of the city and felt their intentions twist. Now, there are about as many jaded bastards abusing their power on the team as there are self-proclaimed heroes from an ivory tower. They have been known to show a callous disregard for usual legal proceedings. Some lawyers and city officials find them a nuisance, because of that. They also have a habit of sticking their noses into the business of the rich and powerful, exposing corruption and other activities that have put them in danger, and stripped political protection from them.

“There isn’t much justice in this world. Perhaps that’s why it’s so satisfying to occasionally make some.” — Martian Manhunter

| Basically, the world is shit, so try to make it better. You don’t have to be a boy scout to try to make people’s lives a little easier, and a little safer. Fight for the world you want, not the world you see.

“True happiness is found along the middle road. There lies the balance and the harmony, with reason and emotion not at war, but hand in hand.” — Aquaman

| Control yourself, be true to your emotions, and don’t lose sight of your desires and your ideals.

“Someone once told me that the suit doesn’t make the hero, so you fight it. You can be a hero. You just have to have faith in what you are, and what you’re gonna be. It’s your choice, kid. You choose.” — Booster Gold

| No one can be forced into the Spirit Detectives. Nobody can be forced to stay. If you want to hang up the mantel, that’s your business, and no one will stop you.
The organization is led by a person known as the Spirit Detective. It is unclear who they are or where the former boy wonder can be found, but he’s still in the game, after all this time. Some say he owns a ramen stand in Ghost Town, but those are unsubstantiated rumors.

Organization of the group beyond that leadership position is basically an equal ballpark. There are only three ‘ranks’ that a person occupies within the faction, and these ranks only describe relative functions as opposed to chains of command.
Leader | The Spirit Detective
The Spirit Detective who started the group thirty years ago seems to have hung up his own mantel. There’s talk of a ramen stand somewhere in Ghost Town, where you can still chat with him. People tend to become a little obsessive of the possibility, seeing it as something of a pilgrimage to find the stand and speak to the Spirit Detective. He still contacts the organization from time to time, checking in, giving tips and information. Interestingly, people who hear his voice report he still sounds like he’s eighteen. That’s impossible, of course. He’s gotta be in his late forties and married with kids, by now!


Whips are tactical team members. They usually operate in groups, planning out maneuvers and doing reconnaissance. Usually, if someone is going undercover, it’s a whip. They’re the closest thing to umbrella leadership the group has, but they do tend to get their hands dirty on a semi-regular basis.


Swords are backup team members. They can operate in groups or alone. Swords are often on patrol, and can operate as the SWAT teams of the city. Many swords are known for being loose cannons.


Guns are first-line defenders. They usually operate alone, and are only utilized for the dangerous situations. Guns are the powerhouses, the ones you call when two men are down, the swords are in danger and the whips can’t get a guy in.
Other Leadership
Spirit Detectives do not have any other form of leadership amongst them besides The Spirit Detective. They are expected to govern themselves: to work alone or in a team, with each member given equal authority.
Key Words







Vigilante Justice


The Legion is a military force, and a walking ad for why police with military-grade gear are a danger. Better organized than the Spirit Detectives, better trained, generally older, more mature, many legionaries are ex-military themselves, or otherwise professionals. The Legion is less dangerous for its employees than the Spirit Detectives, but has had more scandals in four years than the Spirit Detectives have managed in thirty. Their bureaucracy is infamous, and has been since the group’s creation in 1951. They get the highest arrest convictions because they follow the rules and go for the low-hanging fruit.

Protect the lives and property of fellow citizens and enforce the law

| Enforce the law, preserve peace (even if that means preserving the status quo), reduce fear, and maintain order.

Fight crime both by preventing it and by aggressively pursuing violators of the law

| Preventing it is a fluid measure. Relentlessly pursuing violators is not.

Render services with courtesy and civility

| Be formal. Be polite. Be professional.

Fall in line

| Loose cannons are neither desired nor appreciated. Show respect to your superiors. Make sure your paperwork is filed on time.
The organization is led by a person known as the Commissioner. It is unclear who xe is or where xe operates from, though there is some speculation xe works for or with the city.

The tightness and stratification of military discipline has left its marks all over the Legion. Organization of the group beyond that leadership position is extremely regimented. These ranks tell a story of a clear chain of command, though it’s not exactly unheard of for people to subvert and twist their assigned rank.
Leader | The Commissioner
There’s some unpleasant talk that goes around about the Commissioner having various agencies, criminal groups, and politicians in xir pocket, or that xe’s on their payroll. Still, the legion, despite its battery of scandals, is one of the largest and most organized mercenary forces in the city. Perhaps it’s better that no one knows the Commissioner’s face—it would just ruin the mystique.



Captains are precinct commanders. There's one assigned to every major floor.


Lieutenants can supervise an entire watch shift of a detective squad (homicide, narcotics).


Sergeants are a police officer who supervises areas of a precinct and individual detective squads.


Detectives don’t technically outrank patrolmen, but tend to be more experienced and have higher pay and different duties. They are allowed to be in plainclothes.


Patrolmen are the average men of the legion.

½ Floor Brigade


The Colonel is the commander of the Brigade. The buck stops here.


Lieutenants oversee operations, supervising several squads of Brigadiers.


Sergeants supervise a squad of Brigadiers and are the lowest rank in the Brigade who can oversee an operation.


Corporals have a minimum of three years of service, and generally begin specializing in a given field of expertise (demolitions, tracking, etc.)


Privates are the cannon fodder heart and soul of the Brigade.
Current Precinct Captains


Played by EllieFinley Hart | Human w/ Civil Demon


Played by KitrianaWill Cawthorn | Human w/ Civil Demon


Played by TomiTempest De La Croix | Solo Demon


Played by LavadakinsRyeowook Lee | Human w/ Civil Demon

Ghost Town

Played by CallanthasEveline Steele | Human w/ Primal Demon
Current ½ Floor Brigade Colonel
Played by PookaMitchell Cross | Human w/ Primal Demon
Key Words

Police Militarization




Beat Cops