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Find Elysia Audra

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Posted | 05-17-2018, 07:38 PM


Elysia was not one who enjoyed or wanted changes in her life. Everything seemed to be perfect for once, she had a loving husband and a small borrowed child that provided her with the necessary love that she needed to remain somewhat sane. However, there was something that continued to cause her to twist and turn at night. Something that caused unfamiliar and quite unusual emotions hit her. It took some time for Elysia to place her finger on it and once she figured it out she had to change it. When Elysia first arrived to the city, she made the choice herself to become a legionnaire mainly because the position she was in allowed for her to feed her obsession. However, Elysia gradually began to notice her job as a legionnaire was quite lackluster and was no longer able to feed her obsession and no longer provided a way to overcome it. Everything also seemed to slowly spiral downwards once Elysia discovered that she had received a new gift. A new gift that pushed in her rather unstable position and comprised her ability to be a Legionnaire properly. This new gift sent it spiraling downwards into a state of utter darkness.

Instead of turning to her husband in order to escape the darkness that was slowly swallowing her whole, she decided that she would instead embrace it. Use this newfound darkness within her as an excuse to escape from the restrictions that being a legionnaire brought and the backlash that came with her somewhat erratic behavior. Elysia completely turned her back on her husband and turned to a specific contact that caused guilt to form within her, Cerberus. He was the main one that pushed Elysia to this direction, to the direction of Acedia. Elysia found herself standing in front of an art gallery a couple days later finally convincing herself to step away from her role of being the hero within the city and instead towards a role that went with her new mindset. She was finally able to accept the fact that she could no longer be the one that saved people, the one that was showered with praises from unfamiliar humans because of her courageous acts. Instead now she was the main one causing destruction within the lives of others, just because of the gift that was bestowed upon her that she was still unable to get a grip on.

The ability to feel others emotions was a gift that was usually not viewed as a curse and more so like a blessing. A blessing that allowed for you to properly react to a person and escape from certain situations. However, her centuries of walking the earth stripped her from the ability to feel and understand emotions. She was a hollow shell that was unable to project simple emotions and one that was easily confused by simple emotions like happiness. Now that Elysia was able to feel the emotions of others, she was in a confused state constantly and easily overwhelmed by the unfamiliar emotions hitting her constantly. The doors that led to Elysia's new future swung open on their own and Elysia stepped within the building. The art gallery was bustling with various humans and demons staring at the different types of art pieces in pure fascination. Elysia gulped and slowly made her way throughout the art gallery until she reached a rather large desk that had an adorable demon with rather large breasts behind it or at least these were the characteristics of the woman that Elysia first picked up on. She extended her hand outwards tempted to touch them not truly caring that she was standing in the middle of an area filled with people. Elysia slapped her own hand away and simply just flashed the woman a smile.

"Hello there big breasted woman. I have an appointment to speak with Mrs. Persukovic." Elysia had rather straight face not completely caring that she outright commented on the woman's breast size. Instead, she simply just stared at her not showcasing a tad bit of emotion at all. The sweet scent that radiated off of her figure kept Elysia close to the desk.

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Find Delilah

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Posted | 05-17-2018, 09:06 PM

So far it had started out like any other day. Delilah woke up and showered then got dressed, She went downstairs to the kitchen where Khalil made another delicious breakfast. And like every morning Delilah gave the handsome cook a kiss on the cheek to say thank you for preparing such a tasty and filling meal. Whoever happened to be downstairs in the dining room with her would get a big hug as she left, and if anyone such as Ananke were outside walking/patrolling the Rose House grounds Delilah would offer a pleasant smile and wave before heading off to the nearest subway station.

Delilah didn't mind the subway, she could probably afford to take a cab to work everyday but preferred to save her money for more fun things like shopping or meals. Plus the subway afforded her the chance to 'accidently' rub or bump into a good looking commuter like herself. She had heard stories (mostly in porn) about Japanese schoolgirls who were accosted on the subway. So far nothing like that happened to Delilah, yet, to her utter disappointment.

Just like every morning Delilah unlocked the outer door to Dubravka's office. She turned on the lights, booted up the computer and started a fresh pot of coffee. She was in the middle of sorting and deleting various e-mails when Dubravka walked in and unlocked the door to the inner office. Delilah gave her a few minutes before walking in holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a notepad in the other. She went over Dubravka's schedule for the day and then left her boss to her work.

Delilah had been busy working on Dubravka's expense reports when she heard a female voice he had never heard before. 'Big breasted woman'. Delilah didn't take offense she'd heard much much worse. Besides the moniker was accurate. The woman was a sight to behold. Dark hair, numerous tattoos including a heart over her generous cleavage (Dubravka may take issue with that), full pouting lips. She certainly was pleasing on the eyes.

"Hi, I'm Delilah, Ms. Peruskovic's assistant." She extended her hand giving the woman a pleasant smile. "Do you have an appointment?"

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