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knot my problem

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Posted | 05-17-2018, 06:12 PM

It was not entirely his own fault that he had ended up in this situation. At least, that was what Lucian was telling himself. It was entirely his fault, and he knew it. If he had been more aware, this would not have ended up happening. Even just a little bit of awareness would have gone a long way. But no, he had been careless. He had not paid enough attention to the right thing. And now, here he was, all tied up in knots. And Lucian did not mean figurative knots. No, Lucian had managed to tie himself into literal knots.

The young dragon had accidentally ended up an entangled mess due to his own foolishness. His long, serpentine body was tied up, pulled into a knot. Golden, glittering, and the least graceful he had ever looked in his life. He felt so foolish. It would have to take a fool to end up in a situation like his current one. Lucian had never thought himself a fool, but then again, he supposed that fools never thought themselves fools. He supposed a great deal of things. There was a great deal of time that he had, after all, trapped like this as he was.

Oh, yes. Lucian was stuck, sure as could be. He had tried wriggling around to fix the issue, but the knot was tight, and the young dragon found that he could not escape the situation as easily as he had entered it. He had simply been chasing a sizable bug. A bug. And now he was here, stranded in the middle of the ruins, tied into a knot. It had been such an exceptionally meaningless task, driven only by impulse and lack of other activities, and the young dragon had barely had any of his mind focused on it, considering how unimportant it was. That had proven to be his downfall. Somehow, he had managed to chase the infuriating insect in such a way that he found himself all of a sudden, pulled tight into a knot.

He had not even managed to catch the infuriating insect that had caused this whole mess. No, it had only chirped and fluttered merrily away into the distance, taunting the young demon with its own mobility. Lucian determined that when he got free, he was going to find that infuriating insect, and end its pitiful existence. Lucian would have vengeance for this, he had decided, in the free thinking time that he now found himself in abundance of. As soon as he was free, he would track it down. The only issue there being, Lucian still had no clue how to free himself.

Stuck with nothing to do, all Lucian could do was think. And think. And think.

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Posted | Yesterday, 03:29 AM

Izumi had been wandering, enjoying the freedom to scamper this way and that without to much thought as to where he went. Boredom had lead to this current little adventure. Clambering through the ruins to see what could be found, inquisitive, a little blood thirsty to. He'd quenched that thirst though. Now he was bored..... again. Mind going every which way, observing all the piles of crumbling concrete and wondering what it had looked like before, who had lived there, died there. Would he find a skeleton that maybe he could make dance like he'd seen in those comical cartoons? That'd be fun!

Bored, bored, bored, bored..... what to fucking do to end this terminal boredom. How long had it been since he'd last not been bored? Oh... only five minutes according to his phone he'd taken from a corpse one bloody night. Was it really only that long ago? It felt like so much longer! With a pout on sharp, pixie like features he scrambled over another pile of weed strewn rocks that had once been a building in a large city.

Something shiny, gold and big catching his eye. The thing was a dragon, gold and glittery. Pretty, but his opinion immediately dropped at the lack of wings. Why be a dragon if you could not fly! Whoever it was was darting all over the show, long snake like body slithering in loop the loops..... Izumi watching, shaking his head from a distance until the motions suddenly... stopped? Had the dragon caught what they'd been chasing? Emerald eyes blinked once, twice, thrice before the short little devil fell ass over backwards howling with childish laughter. He'd tied himself in a knot!! Oh what a fool! What a hilarious fool! A big bad dragon all tied in a bow! The red devil rolled over the ground just a short distance away, cackling like a fiend. Arms wrapped around his sides, tears streaming down tattooed cheeks and feet kicking merrily in the air. Oh he couldn't breathe what a buffoon!

Eventually, hiccuping and still snickering and giggling Izumi got to his feet and stumbled a little uncoordinated from lack of air towards the dragon. He was stuck, he could pick on the silly dragon that was stupid enough to tie himself in a knot safely now! Stupid creature couldn't move!

"Oh you're a funny one aren't you? All tied in a knot" he cackled, stopping to giggle and snort a little more. "What an ass you've made of yourself. What you going to do now huh?"

All 4 foot 11 of the red headed demon stood boldly in front of the dragons snout. Petite fingers poking at golden scales. Snickering. Prodding. Ready to dart away if the silly dragon thought to try eat him.

"Well? How are you going to un-knot yourself? Pitiful looking dragon aren't you. Well, guess I can have some fun while you're stuck" he grinned like a shark. "What's your name? Or can I just call you stupid little dragon all tied in a a knot? Stupid for short"

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