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much as you were in pain because of me

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Posted | 05-16-2018, 07:02 PM

Huang wasn't really a socialite. He had come though because well, he was curious to be honest. He was curious about this mysterious Matriarch that had been spoken of. Hardly anyone seemed to know anything about her other than that she ruled Kairos. She was a distant figure and Huang could appreciate that.

Still, if she was opening her home then Huang was about to take advantage of that. He was going to learn as much as he could while he could. So while most were inside, doing whatever they were doing, Huang decided to hang around outside instead. The grounds were kept immaculate, another thing that he could appreciate.

The house itself was nice as well. Though he didn't know what all the space was needed for. As far as he knew she didn't have these gatherings that often. So what did she do with all of that space the rest of the time when she didn't have guests over?

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