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Posted | 05-16-2018, 03:22 PM

Zepar had heard of the loss of the Vice Lord of Gula. What exactly happened he had no idea but just that the Vice Lord was missing. Was it so wrong to take advantage of the situation then? He wasn't looking to move in on the territory but a little more information about what went out certainly shouldn't hurt anything. And why not try to arrange some sort of deal as well. He was an independent contractor and so he had to look out for himself.

The demon had made his way to Gula headquarters and was seated inside of the brothel. He had asked to speak with whom was in charge of finances, now that the Vice Lord was gone certainly someone else must be making those sorts of decisions. With his line of work he figured that it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to think that they could work together.

Zepar got comfortable in his seat when he was told to wait and that the Captain of Finances would be gathered up. He looked around and waved to a couple of faces he recognized. He suspected that there were more he knew already sequestered away into rooms.

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Posted | 7 hours ago

Cato Bishop, Gula Captain of Finances, received a notification he was being beckoned in the middle of an emergency. While he’d made his coup for Vice Lord with the help of Dallas, he was under the assumption that everyone knew he was healing. He’d spread the significant rumor that he had been beaten fairly severely by Taiga—and vice versa only a little more worse for the wear so he had fled—which meant Cato had to act as if he’d been beaten to nearly a pulp. Even with the help of biomancers, if Cato was smart he’d give someone a bit of evidence that such a thing occurred. And while the summons was an unwanted annoyance it was also potentially a great boon to his cover story. Cato glanced at himself in the mirror and examined his perfect jawline, pouty lips and almond eyes and decided strategic placement of bruised flesh. He used his shapeshifting dominion to alter his body in ways that might not have been so obvious to touch, but then again Cato didn’t think this guest was going to be touching his face.

When he was finished, Cato was convinced he looked debonair with his split open eyebrow, cracked lip, black eye and bruise along his jaw line—gleaning to the effect that Cato had taken quite a beating and might have similar if not more substantial bruises and cuts elsewhere. Cato also made it a point to flex his fingers and favor his left hand consciously to give the effect of working sore muscles. All in all, Cato was a master manipulator. And an excellent actor.

Cato exited the main office of the Vice Lord and made his way towards an open-like reception area of the luxurious estate and smiled at several of the prostitutes that greeted his handsomeness with winks and affectionate smiles. Some of them he knew intimately and blew kisses towards. Everyone liked to feel as if they were beautiful.

He found his guest quickly and extended his hand in greeting, his Cheshire half-smile permanently fixed across his pouted and blistered lips, ”You were expecting me?” Since Cato was the one that was summoned, he didn’t introduce himself. It would be silly to tell someone expecting Cato Bishop that he was indeed Cato Bishop.

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