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Posted | 05-16-2018, 02:42 PM


Rose House has gone through numerous changes in recent weeks.

To say one had caused the others might not be accurate, but the fact is that around the same time that the boarding house had undergone numerous renovations, many more people had come seeking to rent rooms. Only a few weeks ago, the building had been significantly emptier; only Ananke had Bell had been on staff, and half the rooms had gone unoccupied. Fast forward to now that they're completely staffed and all the tenant rooms have been filled.

It may or may not have something to do with the new library. And bar. And hot tub. And gym.

Ananke is certainly getting use out of them, if only out of necessity. Part of facilitating these changes is making sure they work, after all, and so so the demon has taken it upon herself to test all the features as they are completed. The Gym had been open for a while now, and she had already examined it, but there had been some complaints about certain pieces feeling unsteady, meaning it's necessary to examine them all over again.

She personally doesn't need to train so much nowadays, but it's still prudent to dress appropriately based on your given tasks, so today Ananke has tied her hair back and put on appropriate attire as she tries to figure out exactly what's wrong with this leg press.

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