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Posted | 05-16-2018, 05:55 AM

Caan had been meeting a great many people since he came into the City. Ananke and Conan had been the first individuals he had ever met in his life. Both had helped him a great deal in their own ways. Conan had provided him with clothing and money, introducing him to the concept of danger and the idea that there might be those who hunt him. But Ananke had taken him to the library and introduced him to technology and information. Awakening one of his minds to full consciousness and bringing Thinker fully to life by feeding that head's voracious consciousness. Now Thinker had developed further and taken to calling itself by a new name. Descartes. A philosopher who had said "I think therefore I am." The hydra head enjoyed the play on names. Though he decided he would still by be Thinker among strangers.

Then where was Greed, the head whom had emerged when he was hunting the city to find more cash to play for his place to say. A voracious head who wanted to possess the finger things in life and live an oppulent life of comfort. Greed had purchased Naiomi and arranged for them to begin gaining things. It was the one responsible for their job as a bouncer to pay the rent at their room at the boarding house. Greed had recently begun to develop his own personality quirks. He called himself Midas when talking to the other heads of the hydra.

Spartan was the second oldest head and the one who stubbornly refused to learn and grow. He was the one who took them back to Monai and sought the flesh of man to feed from, despite the fact that they had discovered they could feed off the sexual energy of their partners. Spartan had no interest in developing further. He was rough and constantly angry. Though he claimed it was because he was focused on protecting them from the dangers of the world around them. Spartan burned over their humiliating defeat at the hands of the stranger at the bar. The warrior who wielded lightening. They did not know who that man was, but Spartan was determined to one day repay him for his defeat.

Last of the heads was Romeo, the blunt and in his own way strangely charismatic, if primal, head who contemplated their relationships with other beings. While Caan had purchased Naiomi at Greed's urging it had been Romeo who picked her out and selected her for their use. He was the head that was inspired to explore the world sexually and learn more about their bodies. He was the one who drew them to Khalil and planned to have his way with the succubus Delilah. He was a hungry demon who wanted to bask in the pleasures of the flesh. He was most interested in spending his time in the arms and between the thighs of other demons and mortals. Though he much preferred the company of true demons to humans, still he had to admit that humans had their purpose, generally moaning beneath him.

Caan was the central head, the master of their fates. He was the head that wrangled the others and tried to keep the peace. The one who thought of himself as We. He was a strong personality, the oldest head, the first to think for himself, the first to know more than hunger. He was a balance of all the other heads. Interested in answers like Descartes, interested in sex like Romeo, prone to aggressiveness like Spartan and greedy for possessions like Midas. But he was struggling with the influences of the world around him. The people who sought to civilize him. He didn't know if he wanted to be civilized. He enjoyed his primitive side. He considered Naiomi's declarations that he was a caveman to be a sort of compliment. He was blunt and he enjoyed it that way. He admitted to himself that he enjoyed the taste of human flesh and gathering cash from those that they killed. He was sneaky in his tastes however. He was learning to use kindness and courtesy to get people to do what he liked; but he was also a carnal animal who sought what he sought for his own sake.

Caan was walking a tight rope between savage and saint. He had no interest in being fully a civilized being. He couldn't help but think that this would be a boring way to live in the world around him. He knew that if he didn't abandon his monstrous practices he might end up in trouble with the people of the world around him. But he wasn't willing to give it up just yet. He was a beast of passions and he allowed those passions to rule him as he lived his everday life.

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