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Subjects Covered

— Coup Mechanics
— Method: Vice Lord Coup
— Method: Family Coup
— Method: Matriarch
    Approval System
— Method: Vacant VL Position

Coup Mechanics

— To arrange a Coup of a currently-in-place Vice Lord, one must create a thread explaining the DETAILS of the request. The challenger must then tag the named Vice Lord in the thread. After the thread is submitted, a tag must be placed in the #MODERATION CHANNEL of Discord, of both STAFF and the OPPOSITION'S Vice Lord OOC account. Contact from the defending Vice Lord must be made WITHIN 7 DAYS.

— If the Vice Lord has posted for hiatus, the Coup request will be subjected to that Hiatus as well. It will NOT continue until the posted date the member will return, this is to prevent Coups when an approved absence has gone through. The member must respond WITHIN 7 DAYS of their posted return time.

— If there has been NO CONTACT made from the Opposition within the allotted 7 day time span, the Coup will automatically be deemed a SUCCESS. The Vice lord will LOSE their position as Vice lord, and immediately be BANISHED FROM THE KAIROS as being marked a COWARD AND TRAITOR. To ignore, or turn ones back on a request from a challenge to prove one's worth, is deemed to go against all of Kairos law.

— How a Vice Lord responds to their Opposition is entirely up to them, however. They can take up the challenge, they can surrender their position, they can even try to make a deal or request a lower ranking within the family or move to another family and later try to retake their position - HOW IT IS HANDLED is up to them, but it MUST BE HANDLED.

Method: VL Coup

To challenge a Vice Lord directly, is always the FAVORABLE OPTION. This is the tried and true method, that is solely based to distinguish if one is capable of maintaining a position that is meant for only the most elite. Neither the opposition, nor the challenger, should be requesting assistance from any other individual while they battle for the crown of a Kairos leader. To arrange a Coup of a Vice Lord, the battle must be ONE ON ONE. There is no restrictions on who can actually arrange for a Coup of a Vice Lord, as it can be current Kairos members, or it can be those outside of the family, known as the Untrusted. While it will remain an equal one on one battle, the Untrusted will start with LESS APPROVAL than one already sanctioned within the Kairos family. This is due solely to the fact, they have not proven themselves a loyal member to the family of Kairos, and must battle their way to becoming accepted, trusted and respected.

Method: Family Coup

If a Vice Lord wishes to clean house, they can arrange for a Family Coup. This is to dismiss all current Kairos members beneath the vice Lord they wish to remove. While this means one can have MANY MEMBERS to do the Coup, it will always be ONE ON ONE. No NPC's are allowed. If a Kairos family only has three members, only three members will be allotted to attack within the Coup. This is to create a fair aspect of the Coup.

Method: The Matriarch

The woman who created it all. She is judge, jury, and executioner of all laws that govern that of the family of Kairos. If one deems a current standing Vice Lord to be LESS FAVORABLE than themselves, they can plead their case to The Matriarch. This is NOT guaranteed, as success is based entirely on the current Vice Lord's standing and the opposition's capability. This may be considered the EASY WAY OUT, and may be frowned upon by the other Vice Lords, but it is an option for those that do not want to go for a Vice Lord position through a Coup. This will allow an ability for others to join as leaders, as well as creates the capability for those that do not take their leadership position seriously, to be REPLACED.


— A system built surrounding each individual Vice Lord's actions, which accumulate to their standing with The Matriarch. Every Vice Lord starts with the same standing, although it is updated on a monthly basis to ensure the proper characters are in the correct position as a leader of one of the most sought after position. Approval can be earned by ensuring ones character is not only ACTIVE, making steps to ensure the integrity of the Kairos family, but also accumulates on the overall actions the Vice Lords make when INTERACTING with their own subordinates, other Vice Lords, and of course, other faction members. In the second post of this thread, a frequently-updated Approval Counter for each Vice Lord will be posted for not only the players to know where they stand with The Matriarch, but for potential Coup-starters to know where might be a good place to start. The Matriarch may not care about many of the same things other characters do, but upholding Kairos law, dignity and facing one's challenges are a must.

— Approval can also be raised and lowered during KAIROS EVENTS where Vice Lords have to interact directly with The Matriarch herself. Lack of doing so, of course, is the greatest offense of all.

Method: Vacant Vice Lord Position

Sometimes, the greatest position of power within all of The City becomes too much for a single individual and they depart. Or vanish without a trace. Perhaps they are on a lovely vacation for life, spending some time in the ocean swimming with the fishes. One can never really know these things, now can they? When this happens, a Vice Lord position will open up. When an opening is recognized, many find themselves thinking they are worthy of such a grand placement! So how does one go about proving their worth?

An OPEN ADVERTISEMENT will be placed by a staff member. At which time, all that are requesting to become a Vice Lord must post a THREAD STARTER of how their specific character would have gone about taking over the Vice Lords position as if in a Coup (as stated above). Make sure to include their REASONING, AMBITIONS, METHODS, and why they would be the APPROPRIATE CHOICE. After this is completed, the Staff will have a vote and deem who would most likely have won such a position based on all of the above criteria. Must have high OOC ACTIVITY on site, and the character must be IC ACTIVE with at LEAST 6 POSTS for one month before application will be approved.



— As with many sites that allow challenges, faction conflict, and other high scale discourse to take place in a REALISTIC MANNER, character inactivity or a player's refusal to respond to a very blatant, straightforward challenge, conflict or confrontation without having working something out with the challenger or Vice Lord in charge is problematic to the realism and fairness of the site. Being able to simply duck out of realistic IC consequences removes the weight and flow of our site in a very unfair way to those who take the time to carry out a story, plot, or fulfill obligations their character has in a certain rank or in their certain responsibilities. Being unable to fulfill their IC obligations due to an OOC decision by another player is unfair, and DOES reflect on the other character if they are somehow unable to do such things that are expected of them.

— As a result, if players: do not post to their official challenges, official confrontations, or the reprimands of a leader within ANY faction or established member-made group without working it out with the player(s) of the other character(s) in a way that dissolves the issue, the remaining player of a defaulted conflict is ALLOWED to write or explain out what happened to prevent their character from having simply done nothing when they otherwise would have, and have the reach or resources to do so. While they are still not allowed to kill a character without permission, they are able to write out that they have been dealt with in any lesser manner than that. Ultimately, Staff will read the proposed action(s) to make sure it's reasonable and realistic and fair, as well as the player who defaulted should receive a PM or Discord DM of the same material so they're aware of what has been proposed. If the player disagrees to have this happen, it can be reversed if they decide to finish out the official conflict itself.

— This is typical of sites that allow hostile takeovers, overturns of power, and allowance of member-controlled factions. It prevents UNFAIR ERASURE of realistic IC rhetoric, wherein players ignore, avoid, and default the states of a freeform RP and messes with other characters who will simply be forced to have a blank space in their timeline concerning what happened. Especially for Vice Lords concerning Coup mechanics, it is wholesomely unfair to simply ignore a challenge and keep one's position "Safe" by simply never acknowledging that they have been challenged. In this specific case, as written above, a character will default, lose to their challenger, and the player's challenger will have to follow the same process of writing out what happened, have it approved by Staff as "realistic" and then contacting the defaulted player to show them what they've written as reason. Member-established factions or groups are also covered under this clause to keep their plots moving as they deserve to be. They can also notify staff of a defaulted conflict that should have been replied to, and be allowed the same benefit. It must ALWAYS be cleared through staff, however, and the other player(s) must be allowed to know beforehand what the PROPOSED resulting actions towards their character will be.

— In the case of ANY faction or non-faction character, if they fall inactive with unresolved official conflicts to their actions, it is not allowed to be a cop-out. A character being chased by Legion before they fall inactive, for example, will still have outstanding charges when they are reactivated. Temporary deactivation does not result in content erasure, nor should it be allowed to as that is not how it happens in real life and is unfair to the rest of people who see out their conflicts fairly. In the case of Kairos, a traitor or AWOL Kairos member is Blacklisted, and unless they clear the vendetta put upon them when they return, they will not rest in The City. In the case of Legion, a character with outstanding warrants who falls inactive will retain them on their Blacklist, and will have further issue with Legion members who are given Quests to apprehend the suspect-at-large in accordance with SECTION 5: JAIL MECHANICS.

— Ultimately, if you think something is unfair, please DM ONII on discord, or send me a PERSONAL MESSAGE on-site. I personally review on a case-by-case basis; I read all the threads related to it, read the profiles and dominions at disposal and consider all things surrounding the characters in question to determine what is likely difficult to carry out and what is not.

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