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Posted | 05-06-2018, 02:50 PM


What are Legacies?

Sometimes a person, place or thing has had such a profound impact on those around them, that they can live on in others long after they are gone. The human or demon in which they continue on are known are Legacies.

How do I get one?

As a reward, through completion of quests or events, your character may come across an object. This is object has no inherent power... until it is activated, at which point it disappears physically and inseparably bonds with the character, now Legacy. The character cannot however give this object away, if they do, it will disappear, only to return to the character at some other time. There are three (3) tiers of Legacy and each tier requires an activation cost. This cost is Mastery levels: the character is required to sacrifice a number of Mastery levels in exchange for each Tier of Legacy.

Tier I - 1 Mastery level (e.g. Minor reduced to Lesser)
Tier II - 3 Mastery levels (e.g. Major reduce to Lesser)
Tier III - 5 Mastery levels (e.g. Legendary reduced to Lesser)

These Mastery levels can come from any combination of Dominions, but cannot bring a Dominion to less than Lesser (i.e. you cannot completely give up a Dominion).

But what do I get with a Legacy?

Upon activation a character will manifest a physical trait unique to their particular Legacy. In addition, for each Tier they will receive a special ability. These abilities are cumulative so a Tier 3 legacy can use the abilities from all 3 tiers.

Anything else?

Legacies are unique to a specific character; no two characters can have the same Legacy at any one time.

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