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Lore-Lovers Kairos Edition

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Posted | 04-25-2018, 05:23 PM

Lore-Lovers: Kairos Edition

Subjects Covered

— In the Beginning...
— Overview
  Pre-site History
  The Headquarters
— The Matriarch: Franca Gwyn
— Interpersonal Relations & Culture
  The Vendetta
— Intrapersonal Relations & Influence
  General Influence
  White Rabbit
  Spirit Detectives
— The Vice Families
— How to Join Kairos
— How to Become a Vice Lord
— The Cardinal Law
— Extra Player Resources

In The Beginning...

"In the beginning... there was Kairos. In the beginning, long before the veil would ever fall, long before the time of Dogs, the Wolves wrote the laws. We WERE the law. We set the rules and The City - she was the jury. She was the jury because we believed in The City. We believed in the adequacy of our own blood. We believed in demonkind such that they needed little policing. No voice above their own. Our law was guided by their voices. If they spoke of execution, we moved to execute. We listened. They spoke. Not the other way around. We did not need to make decisions for once-perfect beings.

It was a time I remember fondly. When my family was whole. When demons knew what they were and did not allow themselves to be poisoned by a mix of worlds. Innately cannibalistic, and wonderfully perfect.

And then the Dogs moved in.

And everyone suddenly forgot.


This is still my City. This is still my family's City.

Once my family wrote the laws. And if you put an ear to the night and listen closely, long after the sun falls low with no sound but the wind in your ear.. you'll find out that we still do."
⸺ The Matriarch.


Goal/Mission Statement

Having been pushed off their overground control after the fall of the veil and the massive integration of humans, their outside constructs and the resulting authoritative systems that were moved in to cater to The City's new demographic, Kairos' grip fell into the underground where still they largely reign supreme in the shrouded world of The City's Underbelly. Their primary objective is simply to maintain their control in The Underbelly all while pushing back against Legion and the Spirit Detectives to leak into their original place as lawmakers, reinforcers, and supreme authority.

Pre-Site History

Kairos has existed for as long as any could remember The City, though the expanse of known history of the relationship between the two entirely depends on who is telling the story. Once the two fell hand in hand with the faction entirely catering to and advocating the basic primal necessities of demonkind. The City once ran in a way that now would be considered chaotic injustice; where cannibalism was no more a crime than any meal, and most things now considered crimes were no more problematic than any of nature's ways with exception to where things considered dishonorable (betrayal, deception, etc) were punishable by death in their courts with no fair trial.

After the veil fell and all humans had been attached with demonkind, The City was flooded with new inhabitants who simply could not survive in the world that had been nurtured for thousands and thousands of years by both Kairos and its inhabitants. Structures changed to support the massive change in demographic, to protect and cater equally to humankind, and the excess of laws and regulations eventually pushed Kairos into The Underground, where now they remain in strength.

The Headquarters

Kairos is separated by Families, and each Family has their own headquarter for their operations, though they may have smaller buildings seeded into both The City and Earth that are run by appointed Captains who must regularly report their progress to the Vice Lord they work for. These headquarters are typically shrouded behind a "front," which is defined as a company, building, or structure that is legitimate in function while it disguises the true identity of those who truly work behind it, or use its legitimate services, employees or goals to forward their underground agenda.

The Vice Lords work in these specific places, and can typically be found here by those who seek their council. Security and procedures vary based on the Vice Lord and the operation at work. Tyche Resort may not be as visibly heavily armed as City Bank, for example, in order to remain as lucrative and inviting to visitors looking to enjoy the resort.

The Matriarch: Franca Gwyn

Not much is known about The Matriarch. Her age, her origins, her likes, her dislikes, even her name has been lost from lips. But it was not always this way. It became this way through time, when those who once knew so many things have all gone.

The Matriarch was once a nomadic entity made studious over time and the experiences throughout it. It is impossible for any to imagine a time where she was anything other than a sharp tongued, often-displeased figure of authority that seemingly notices flaws more than anything else that one has to offer. Tough love is administered with an iron fist, and her control is overarching.

While she relies on the respect she demands from the Vice Lords, no mother is without her prying. Without necessity of specific plants placed throughout the Kairos Families, The Matriarch tends to keep tabs on all Vice Lords and their operations by simply asking their associates questions...and no one says no to The Matriarch.

She exists in Kairos with the same as any strict mother would; fair (albeit judgmental) among her children, but not always kind. Not usually kind. While she certainly may have favorites, The Matriarch demands that family business is always only family business: she may not bail one Kairos Family out of trouble with another, but she will never allow any of her family to undergo outside threats like Legion without aid. Family drama is family drama - anything else is unacceptable.

The Matriarch is essentially that wealthy grandmother you can never completely please.
Don't expect an "I love you" without a "but" swiftly following.

Interpersonal Relations

The Vendetta

Legend has it throughout The Underground that the original Kairos was a unified hive mind force with The Matriarch at its head with her own beloved offspring as the Vice Lords. Kairos was not segregated nor were the families mutually exclusive in their operations. It was not until some great conflict of dishonor between Franca Gwyn and another unknown individual throughout time ultimately led to the fallout known only as The Vendetta. The legend speaks of a curse put upon The Matriarch, wherein the unity of her children was cursed to unglue and that Kairos, for many generations thereafter, would be unable to patch itself up once more. Not long after this event, her offspring no longer could stomach one another and they separated their operations, set up strict protocols for meeting with their own brothers and sisters, and eventually faded away one by one. As for what has become of them, who can say.

The Vendetta's effect still sits on Kairos' shoulders even now despite that there is no familiar relation between the current Vice Lords and The Matriarch. Because of this, intrapersonal relations within Kairos have always been tumultuous. Many generations of Vice Lords have treated one another like strangers; potential spies, thieves or usurpers. Historically, very few Vice Lords have managed long-lasting and wholesome relations with each other, and never have they all found this harmony. More often than not, certain Kairos Families glue together while spiting the others.

Kairos no longer moves as a single force but instead acts like multiple families attempting to succeed beyond the others for their own families as opposed to the whole. It is a cutthroat society with rough politics and many changes of power within.

rumor has it...

The Matriarch and the Fortune Teller despise each other, though no one knows why or has even corroborated this. Could the Fortune Teller possibly be the one...?

Just don't talk about her at dinner. Ever.


New life is incredibly favored by Kairos tradition. Just as The Matriarch considers the Vice Lords her children, she considers their children her grandchildren. The continuation of generations of Vice Lords via heirs is preferred more than an outsider coming into power without any relation. This ties in with the strong culture of family above all else, and the offspring of a Vice Lord are referred to as Heirs.

Even more than this, heirs that are born between Vice Lords is a very highly-regarded occasion that has rarely happened due to the nature of The Vendetta that has worked thus far to keep harmony from Kairos' ranks. They are seen as good omens that the curse is not as all-powerful as it once was.

However, an outsider can equally be respected if they prove themselves worth the gesture.

Anything for the kids

The Matriarch is very obviously softer on the younglings and gets snippy when they aren't sent to visit her. There is an almost maternal affect to the disgruntled demon, so it's reccomended you don't let her steal your children.
Unlike their parents, the children haven't disappointed her yet.

Event: The Gathering

The Matriarch is typically a very rare sight to see in person. She does not meander outside her estate very often and if there is work to be done she simply sends her own cohorts to do the job - with exception to The Gathering. It is during this age-old tradition started long ago that the Families are summoned to visit her estate. During this time their performance in her midst has a tendency to either raise or lower her expectations of them, and she will also tell them precisely what she thinks of their work so far. Whether the events are peaceful or incredibly tense is entirely up to the Vice Lords in power and the interpersonal relations they have fostered thus far.

Event: TBA

Event: TBA

Intrapersonal Relations & Influence

General Influence

Despite having been pushed into The Underground of The City, Kairos is certainly not a name lost on the lips of many. While their exact whereabouts or identities of its members are unknown by the typical denizen, "Kairos" is as well-known a name as any surface-world organization. Having once gave The City its structure before the veil was down and before the subsequent influx of new world catered law enforcement, Kairos' hands are still where they always were with the exception that they now operate in the darkness. This control ranges from owning The City's official bank to running some of the more popular entertainment properties and casinos as well as even having their hold over a few politicians and judges. Most typically, the common denizen does not need much coaxing to respect Kairos' presence.


Kairos and Legion have a long standing, and incredibly complex, relationship. Having been the largest force that eventually pushed Kairos into The Underground and began to enforce laws that Kairos deemed "over-regulation of demonkind," the faction largely despises the often hypocritically-corrupt Legion. What makes their relationship so complex, ironically, is the very nature of Legion and their rumored tendency to act against their reinforced laws behind the curtain. Their relationship is a constant push and pull sort while one another side-eyes the acts of the other. Kairos does not tend to act directly against Legion in a large way and in exchange, seemingly, a very tense "peace" is kept between them so long as Legion does not do the same.

Rumor has it...

Avid conspiracy theorists believe that there is a link between The Matriarch and Legion's Commissioner of a more..personal nature, though incredibly tumultuous. If true, it would seem that Kairos has quite a bit more influence than people are led to believe...

White Rabbit

White Rabbit sits on the edge of Kairos' periphery. While they are certainly competition for control within The City, their existence is an often-indirect nuisance as both factions operate for different aspects of control and therefore their niches do not leave them directly competing for space. White Rabbit is considered as close to "neutral and formal" as possible for Kairos. They are regarded as a resource, not a friend - but definitely not an enemy.

Spirit Detectives

Spirit Detectives are destroyed on sight. Unlike the partially-corrupt and systematic Legion, Spirit Detectives are comprised of vigilante-type personalities that Kairos deems inferior, disorganized, and looking for trouble merely to sate their lust for fame and the fulfillment of a superhero identity they see in the media. The best Spirit Detective is a dead Spirit Detective.

The Vice Families


The importers and exporters. Luxuria has always had the option of specifying in specific field(s) of import/exportation to narrow down their focus and put out larger quantity of something. Historically, Luxuria is the most responsible for surface world politics moreso than the other families. Their customers have a wide range of faces, from individuals to small companies to corporations to military personnel and beyond. Because it takes such finesse to manage this without being caught, most often Luxuria has many "ins" within many industries to ensure that they have a lot of friends in high places in case there's any issue.


The prostitution and slave trade. Whether consensual or otherwise, Gula handles its products in a variety of ways, from keeping them safe on the streets to giving them places to stay in their brothels to selling bodies in high-end auctions. Gula also handles many surrounding industries like adult film entertainment, escort businesses, and strip clubs. Because of this, Gula pulls in a lot of steady money and has more than enough without any need to change their angle or product to cater better to a changing market. Sex always sells.


The weapon dealers. Avaritia comes into possession of many different weapons and ammunition the likes of which the common denizen may never see - unless they have the right amount of pay. They tend to pull from many sources that have been long established throughout the list of Vice Lords of this family throughout time. The inheritor of this family has at their disposal the contact necessary to acquire a massive variety of weapons, missiles, and military-grade vehicles if they continue to play those cards right. Pawn shops, auctions, shooting ranges and other such places are excellent fronts for Avaritia to do what it does easiest, however, and that's peddling to the common consumer.


The house of thieves. Acedia makes its money primarily off of thievery during long planned heists. Their targets may be anything from stealing weapons, resources, or diamonds the size of fists. Because they specialize their expertise into this, they are typically meticulous on their plans. Each type of item they may set their sights on have specific protocols for that type of theft. Their equipment for each of these protocols is typically quite advanced.


The forgers and counterfeiters. While operations lesser than Ira's may be stereotypically done in the basement of some well-hidden place, this family does most its work in plain sight. The City Bank, the largest bank in The City, is a front for Ira where it continues its work undisturbed, potentially swindling millions out of their money or whatever is in their safety boxes. Parsing out the workload, Ira has been known to start up smaller operations in smaller banks or buildings, either giving the responsibility to a few associates or even forcing indebted denizens to pay off their sentence this way - or else.


The money launderers. Invidia largely places its stock in avenues such as casinos, loan companies, resorts and other large-scale entertainment industries that draw in people of all ages to maximize their profit. While most of their money is obtained through illegal means, it is then fed back into front companies and used to purchase property to rapidly increase the scale of their overall operation. Their less-than-legal modes of pulling in pay can range from illegal gambling to hosting deathmatch prize fights and the like.


The drug traffickers. Primarily suited to consumer sales and keeping control over multiple solid pyramid structures of dealers that pitch money back to the Vice Lord, Superbia may also deal its wares outside of the stereotypical method of street peddling. With such a large scale operation and widespread influence in the generation of entirely new drugs, Superbia may also have a hand in legitimate pharmaceutical industries, going as far as pulling strings in a big way to ensure "a little extra ingredient" here and there are concealed in either over-the-counter or prescription drugs to have some desired effect over the populace. A little gradual exposure to an addictive substance in a generic cold medicine primes a population perfectly for the hard stuff down the road.


The weapons manufacturers. A fairly new family that came into birth as The City revealed another incredibly stable main floor. Purgatorio are essentially the blacksmiths, and can work either in conjunction with Avaritia's weapons sales or against them, muscling for territory over the parallel industries. However, Purgatorio's front industry of smithies, metals plants and factories gives them a stable root in plain sight. Making weapons through these front companies gives them a much more immediate access to corporate business deals.

How to Join Kairos

There are many ways to join Kairos, though there is slight variation of regulations based on the family that one intends to get into. Each Vice Lord has their own methods of choosing suitable associates, but the first step across the board is typically to be accepted either by them or their appointed Captains who may often handle increasing the ranks.

Oftentimes, joining Kairos may be consensual or may not be. Some may be sold into it, others may be forced into it to pay off an insurmountable debt owed to them. Others may be given protection in return for service, or Kairos may absorb lesser syndicates and gangs and force the survivors to become a part of them or be executed. They may become Kairos members with the functions of slaves to the respective Vice Lord, or they may be given an actual rank that comes with responsibility and respect.

Given the fact that all the families have front companies and operations to hide their headquarters, many everyday people are hired as employees under the guise of said front company's employment. They are therefore indirect associates of Kairos, and may never learn the truth as long as it is not decided to pull them into the fold.
If they're lucky.

How to Become a Vice Lord

Becoming a Vice Lord takes a lot more than it does to simply become a member of Kairos. Given the nature of its culture shaped by The Vendetta, internal war, coups and usurpations is a constant threat for Vice Lords. Nothing present today will necessarily be there tomorrow. For this, the politics are cutthroat and the safest are those with the firepower necessary to remain off the menu. Usurpation of a Vice Lord can be done by outsiders and current Kairos members.

Cardinal Law

The present rules of Kairos so says The Matriarch. Some of them require that The Matriarch gets involved, and may hold trial above the Vice Lords' own control of their families. When the entire faction may suffer, The Matriarch steps in with her own judgement to balance out the discord for all. Otherwise, the families and its members are left to deal their courts how they wish and instill their own family rules.

1. Family Business is Family Business. No one else's.

No exceptions. Pulling non-Kairos into Kairos matters is incredibly prohibited. Not only does this law coincide with the mafia's heavy family structure but to bestow upon another the knowledge of infrastructure, inner politics, and the when and where and why of internal conflict is incredibly dangerous for the faction as a whole as it can easily be leaked out and used against Kairos by Legion or the Spirit Detectives specifically. To do this makes the perpetrator a risk, and The Matriarch herself will get involved.

However, non-Kairos are allowed to be used for any task or procedure that does not require any working knowledge of the faction itself. Many are forced to pay off debts by assisting in crimes - but never is it allowed that they can be used to assist in family business or conflict between families. It is also regarded as a show of weakness or cowardice to be unable to fight one's own battle and stand their ground in the family.

2. Your honor is your own to defend.

A Vice Lord challenged for their place at the head of a family should be the one defending their place. It is a battle of their own resources, and they must relegate their assistance to those within only their own family, just as a challenger can only call upon those who specifically intend on joining their ranks. A challenger will challenge the Vice Lord in power only, and any associates of the challenger are not allowed to intervene, but may overthrow others within the family to take their places. This is out of respect for the process of change of hands, an official challenge that is meant to be kept seriously like any voting process, and anything less would be considered cowardice by The Matriarch, a mark upon one's skin that never fades. Other families must allow the challenge its due course - but they are allowed to play favorites and, if their pick does not come out on top, may adjust their politics accordingly.

3. Your family is responsible.

Your Vice Lord's word is law. Transversely, the crimes against The Matriarch that they perpetrate as leaders are weighed on their heads, not the subjects that simply do as they're told. As a result, however, it is a Vice Lord's strict duty to manage their family and its followers as follows, because it is their heads that the sins fall on if they leave their business unchecked. A Vice Lord will therefore deal with its members accordingly if they act out of turn. This is expected of them.

4. You leave with The Matriarch's blessing...or not at all.

For the same reasons as the first rule, a member leaving Kairos is a perilous task. To have someone on the outside with intimate knowledge of its inner workings and secrets is not in the entire faction's best interest. The Matriarch expects that AWOL members are dealt with accordingly. The only time one can truly leave safely, however, is to go to her beforehand, and if she deems their reasoning warrants her personal protection and relocation of them away from the family they've betrayed, then she will assist. Without these extenuating circumstances, one who chooses to leave Kairos will do so on a bad foot with the mafia.

5. The Matriarch has the last say.

Ultimately, The Matriarch has the ability to override judgements made below. While she allows things to run their course, a pitch to her may perhaps turn things around if ever she deems it righteous to do so. Fair but not usually kind, she takes into account all things happening across the board. However, she prefers things to be handled properly without her help - going to her too many times makes her question your adequacy for Kairos. She likes as few house calls as absolutely possible. She could be watering her garden with all that wasted time.

Extra Player Resources

Extra Player Resources are a list of links detailing how some things related to organized crime functions and how certain processes are typically contributed to. This list of supplemental content will be added to for people who want to enrich their experience in the faction.

— None at this time!

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