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Posted | 04-15-2018, 04:28 PM

There was something comforting about the park, a bench and a guitar. For many years it had been her mantra to peace and serenity. Many park benches had provided a perch for her to release her woes. She had yet to visit Decasuss, and was eager to do so, since the fall of Monai. There had been talk of a new floating garden.

One that rivaled the one they’d lost.

And rival it did, indeed. The scents that wafted through the air, the people happily sampling all the new and foreign tastes. There was such a peaceful aesthetic to this park. It was large and there was so much to explore.

There were so many facets to this place and she’d enjoy taking her time getting to know this place. She’d found a bench, far enough from the boats and vendors, that she could strum her guitar without disturbing the public.

The falling leaves
Drift by the window
The autumn leaves
Of red and gold

The Creole sang along with the tuning of her guitar. The twisting and testing of tension before the first strums hit. The slightest cant of her head as she listened for the slightest misdirection of pitch. One leg draped over the other as she continued what seemed to be aimless plucking. There was a brief silence as she looked up and around. Once she assured that she was completely alone, for the moment, her voice rang out.

I see your lips
The summer kisses
The sunburned hands
I used to hold

Her body began to sway as her foot tapped along. A breeze tousled those unruly blonde curls. A smile spread on her face as she let that song connect her to memory. Connect her to a warm and fuzzy feeling that had yet to be replicated. The sight of her father strumming that very guitar. His voice was smooth as molasses and warm as silk. Cliche, yes, but the truest description of the sound that trained her ear.

The slow smile of her mother as their twin sets of blue eyes met. The look of love that had never lost its sparkle never lost its power. Through that song sang on a porch, on a sticky day in the bayou. The insects added their own natural harmony, the frogs croaked as if they were eager to add the missing elements. Ayan’s vibrato carried in tune with the dulcet chord placement of the guitar.

And at this moment?

She couldn’t have been more alive - more at peace. Even though the words of the song spoke of a longing that just could not - would not be quelled.

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