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Advertising Contest [APR. '18]

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Advertisement Contest

Demon Realm is officially holding a monthly Advertisement contest! This is your chance to earn a free randomly rolled mastery upgrade for the character of your choice, and maybe a dominion OF YOUR CHOOSING for one lucky person!

The Rundown

Here's how it works:

You'll be going out there and advertising for us! Keep a record of where you're advertising in this thread, and once you get over 10 sites, you're guaranteed a mastery increase!

We ask that each person only make one post in this thread and keep a running tally of where they have advertised at, so that we don't double up on anyone's sites. In other words, reply here, and then edit new sites into the numbered list in your post so it reads something like this:

Name: Sekah
Entries: 3
Sites Listed:
1. Google
2. Yahoo!
3. Facebook
4. Site Name http:// direct link to our ad posted on the site

Etc, etc. Please make sure you keep your list up to date to avoid anyone doubling up on you! Also, please have both the NAME OF THE SITE and the DIRECT LINK TO OUR AD POSTED ON THE SITE.

How To Advertise

1. Open this page, our ad, up in a tab. You can find this page pinned inside the Advertisements forum at the bottom of the site, if you need to find it easily.
2. Open a resource directory. Some resource directories include RPG-D, Shine, Caution to the Wind, Candyland Couture, and Shadowplay.
3. All of those directories have areas where RP sites are listed and sorted into browsable forums. Find that area in your chosen resource directory, and open one of the sub-forums until you see a list of threads of rp sites. Open as many sites of that list as you'd like in new tabs.
4. Open each site from the link in their directory thread. Find their Advertising section—it's usually at the tail end of their forum, but sometimes can be found other places. Some forums have specific rules. If you see any kind of rules listed anywhere, please read them. Some forums require jcink forums only advertisements, and we can't advertise on those. Open the advertising forum, and look for First Links section. Some forums have their first links divided up, into Jcink and Proboards, or [align=center] and [center].

IF YOU SEE THAT STRUCTURE, PUT US UNDER JCINK (unless they have a board for Other Forum Hosts or something), OR [ALIGN=CENTER].

5. Check that we are either not listed, if they say they only want one thread from a forum, OR if they allow multiple threads, check we're not on the FIRST PAGE OF THE FIRST LINKS. If we're not, click the New Thread button in the first links forum. The first thing to look at is whether it's a jcink site or a proboards site, the two most common types of site. The url usually helps with that.

Jcink sites usually have .jcink in their title, for example:
Proboards sites usually have .boards in their title, for example:

If you can't tell by the url, which happens sometimes when people get dedicated urls, look instead at the format of the new thread page.

If it looks like this, it's Jcink:

If it looks like this, it's Proboards:


1. Enter the name of your OOC Roleplayer account on Demon Realm in the Enter Your Name section.
2. Put the following in the topic title and description.
TOPIC TITLE: Demon Realm
TOPIC DESCRIPTION: 1 Year | 40,000 Posts | Urban Fantasy
3. Switch to the page that holds our ad, this one, which you should already have in a tab. Copy everything from the code box that's labeled FOR JCINK AND MYBB.
4. Paste it in the large text box.
5. Click the button next to Human Verification Text, where it says I'm Not a Robot. Follow any instructions it gives you until it turns into a green checkmark.
6. Click Post New Topic.
7. Add the post to your list of advertised on sites, because you're done!


1. Enter the name of your OOC Roleplayer account on Demon Realm in the Guest Name section.
2. Enter the following in the Subject section.
SUBJECT: Demon Realm // Demonic Possession RPG
3. Switch to the page that holds our ad, this one, which you should already have in a tab. Copy everything from the code box that's labeled FOR PROBOARDS.
4. Click the little tab at the bottom of the text box, the one that says BBCode.
5. Paste our ad into the box.
6. Click Preview, and check that the ad came through, and is working properly.
7. Click Create Thread. There's a captcha thing to do that will pop up. Do it, and then post the thread.
8. Add the post to your list of advertised on sites, because you're done!

The Prizes

At the end of the month, we'll go through and check who did what. If you posted to 10 or more sites, you immediately get a randomly rolled mastery increase up to GREATER on the character of your choosing—just like Postravaganza! We'll then tally up who did the most, and they will be able to pick a character of theirs to receive any dominion on the list of their choosing at proficient level. This contest will be run monthly, so the same person cannot win every month. There will be a 1 month cooldown time in between in order to make it fair for everyone who tries!

Sign Up!

This contest ends on April 30th, 2018 and prizes will be distributed in this thread on May 1st, 2018. Good luck!

[b]Your Name:[/b]
[b]Character Rolling For:[/b]
[b]Sites Listed:[/b]
1. Site Name http://

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This post was last modified: 04-22-2018, 07:44 AM by Artemys Posted | 04-22-2018, 07:43 AM

Your Name: Artemys
Character Rolling For: Valerius Sage
Sites Listed:
1. Megalomania //
2. Broken Chains //
3. Stranger Than Fiction //
4. Rust and Bone //
5. Mahalo //
6. Devil & Dust //
7. Rise of the Believers //
8. Fables //
9. Impasse //
10. Inferum //
11. Igohida //
12. Fate/Breaking Chains //
13. Odyssey //
14. Lochland Grove //
15. Men of Mayhem //
16. New Dawn Rising //

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