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Posted | 04-20-2018, 01:57 PM

Xavier watched her go and his heart pounded in his chest. He felt fear at the thought of her coming back and his skin crawled at the chaos in her mind. He was breathing hard as he watched her depart and he slowly went out into the common room. Flipping the sign to closed and locking the door.

He went to his back room and stripped naked. Pulling the blood soaked clothing from his sticky body. He was scabbing over with the long puncture wounds in his shoulder, thigh and hip. His chest dimpled with smaller impacts from the jewelry that had embedded itself in his chest. He took a moment to wash his torso and body carefully to clean off the blood while not disturbing the wounds. He would need to see a biomancer about having his wounds cleaned and dealt with. But first he needed to deal with his store.

He felt shame and so he slipped into a pair of spare boxers. When ordinarily he would have been proud to walk naked around his shop now he felt dirty and used. His skin crawling slowly. He stepped out into the common area and the first thing he did was banish the dust and grit he had summoned in an effort to protect himself. Sending it away as he started to slowly sift through all of the debris and carefully pick up his pieces of jewelry. He would have to clean and polish each piece and repair the damage done to it. It would take him quite a while to rebuild his shop.

The glass had been shattered and the wood broken on his display cases so he looked at them and mentally organized himself to put in an order for new glass counters. He would need to replace the display cases and necklace stands as well. It would put a dent into his savings but he could manage it. If he stopped his private practice of giving away his jewelry for free for a little while and focused on making money. Sold some of his most expensive pieces.

He loathed giving up his treasures but it would keep his store above water. That was what mattered to him for the moment. He thought of Alois Henche and shivered once more. Afraid of when he would meet her again. She had damaged something inside of him and he didn't know if he could stop her if she would try to do it again. He made a mental vow to try and grow stronger. To become more powerful. Anything to keep himself from falling under her power again.

But he didn't know if he could keep that promise. He breathed in slowly as he cleaned. Focused on keeping his calm. Many things would change for him, but he hoped that deep down he would remain the same. He wanted to grow, but he didn't want to change.

The dragon felt pain ache in his psyche and set about cleaning up. A broken man in a broken store.

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