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Posted | 03-13-2018, 11:36 AM

A local tragedy, or that was how it was being sold to the general population. Countless dead, millions, probably billions of dollars in irreparable damage. One of the most thriving and flourishing floors of the city reduced to nothing but ashes and rubble. It was beyond unbelievable, a horrible sight. Atleast, that was how most were taking the news. In many ways Xinyi saw that side of things, but her keen desire and dedication to her work had brought a gilded glint to her tired, black eyes. Monai was the political epicenter of the city. For most that meant it's destruction was a symbol of widespread chaos and a crippling blow to the social infastructure of the city as a whole. But to a White Rabbit it was a gold mine waiting to be plundered. Corporate secrets, sealed documents, old hard drives and surviving files all buried under the collapse.

Getting up to the floor transit station was like walking through hell for the anti social girl. The place was clogged and crawling with people. Survivors, aide workers and police officers, soldiers and medical personnel, survivors with teary eyes trying to find their lost loved ones and get in contact with those they had lost in the chaos, or atleast find their bodies. Then there were the few like her. Those who slunk and snuck through the crowds with their heads low and faces obscured by hoods and hankerchiefs. They were there to plunder what was left. There was always profit to be made in destruction. Be it supplies, salvage, or in her case secrets, this was a treasure trove for those willing to work through the dangerous tangle of ruins and unstable earth.

It was for that exact reason she had enlisted the help of a contractor. A woman who sold herself as a personal guard, and when Xinyi made the call, said she was more than willing to help out with some manual labor as well. She hoped that meant digging through toppled buildings and crumbling cityscapes. Her eyes flicked through the crowd gathered at the edge of the floor transit center, searching for her hired help. Beyond this was the inhospitable wasteland of Monai. They were sure to run into all kinds of calamity on the trip, but the reward would be well worth it. She hoped that due to their target of political buildings and offices that few of those dangers would be from other raiders and scavengers. She didn't want to have a gun pointed at her today.

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