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Open Threads

Want People to Easily Jump into Your Open?

This is a library of open threads on the site! Post here after you've made an open, if you want people to jump in. Please let us know the maximum capacity of people you'd like to join. If you no longer wish to let people hip-hop into your open, you can also post in this thread to have your open removed from the list!

Open Threads

Experience the edge: Nila is visiting an old club she used to frequent before she was put away. Maybe someone would recognize her, maybe they won't. | Max of 4

eyes on the prize, I'm the one to beat.: Nila is witnessing a few night races. Anyone need a new friend? | Max of 3 (Males Only)

Walk Me Across a Fragile Line: Alessandra is working in the ER of the hospital when the lights go out. | Max of 3

I Want It All Black: Fen is painting the town black. LITERATELY | 2

I'm so sick of that same old love...: Andy is at a club, looking for a nice girl. | Max of 1


Remember to remove asterisks!

Thread URL: URL to open thread
Thread Title: Title of the thread
Thread Description: A short teaser about the thread; entice people to join!
Number: Max number of people that can join


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[url=][b]Chains That Bind[/url]:[/b] Donovan, a Pit slave, is training in the main Pit area for the first time. | Max of 3

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[url=][b]Majesty on Patrol[/url]:[/b] Magnus is doing his normal patrol rounds in Nagini and he caught someone pick pocketing you. | 1

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