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Finding the Missing Queen


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  • Gen, Lady, Gwen
  • 21 years old
  • occupation: Open
  • membergroup: Open
  • Hard Working, Outwardly Kind, Giving, Careful, Meticulous, Bisy Body, Believes She Is Never Wrong
  • Beloved Child

Practicly Perfect in Every Way

Imagin three little girls playing in the backyard of their evergreen backyard. They refer to each other as Queens of their suits as they play pretend, not a care in the world. The girls have no idea what life held in store for them, to them, they will be together forever. How fate had other plans and the three young girls became three very different women.

The Queen of Diamonds (Ai Played by: Marinko): Ai became a warrior in her own right. Tired of the overbearing nature of their parents Ai ran after an incident shattered her view of the world. She runs the streets with her gang.

The Queen of Spades (Kikio Played By: Drusilla): Lost herself in the void and became a slave to a demon inside of it. Even now she fights against her chains which will at one point cost her dearly. Before she loses all sense of self she will reach out to the other two hoping that they can run far from her fate.

The Queen Of Hearts (Genkai Played by: ???): This is who this wanted is for. Who has Genkai become after all these years? I can tell you a little of where she's been. Partly due to her parents' encouragements Genkai gave the image of being little miss perfect. No one saw how hard she worked to get the marks she did, the perfect her speech, to model herself int the ideal that she thought everyone wanted. Genkai has never been one to refuse anyone a helping hand which leads to her downfall. Kikio's temper got the best of her and put Genkai in the hospital nearly taking everything from her. Has she forgiven her sister even after not seeing her all this time? Has she achieved her dream of becoming a doctor herself or has something else come and taken that from her? That's up to who creates her.

FC: Also up to the player only hang up is that she's a blonde


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