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Posted | 04-21-2018, 09:34 AM

Ellen smiled sadly and shook her head slowly. "Thank you, Angel. I know, I didn't like it either. I hadn't gone seeking it out I promise you that. It was...really, really scary. Thankfully, I'm okay." She said, taking a soft breath of relief at the reinforcement that the torture she had suffered at the hands of Ananke was indeed over. She still thought about it often, how much it plagued her. The fear and helplessness of those encounters.

Ellen's eyes widened and sparkled at Angel's revelation. She paused for a moment, mouth opening, and then closing as she was unable to find the words. Her head was spinning. Was she serious? A way to walk get her legs start finally living life to the fullest. "Are you sure? Really? You wouldn't mind? I...I don't know what I could do to thank you for this Angel. Really...truly. You really are an incredible friend." She said, lips quivering, eyes misty as she fought not to start crying again. She swallowed hard and managed to keep herself from a second emotional outburst.

"They told me I would never walk again. If your friend really could help me'd be like a second chance at life, you know?" She said, almost like speaking of some far off fantasy. To her, it still very much was that. The idea that she really could walk again was still beyond her acceptance.

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