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Ghost Town Boys


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Ghost Town Boys

(I will pretty this up at some point >.>)

The Ghost Town Boys are a gang of thugs that have been praying on the residents of Ghost Town for as long as anyone can remember. Violence is their tool of choice - extorting protection money from local businesses - along with smash-and-grabs, mugging and car jacking.

They stick to Ghost Town, and largely fly under the radar of the big fish like the Kairos, although even the families have been know to avoid certain parts of Town.

Although they are known as the Ghost Town Boys, the Boys are an equal opportunity criminal organization embracing members of all sexes, races, creeds and sexualities.

For more information contact Pooka (PM or DM on Discord)!

Known Boys:
Ethan Bloom - Nose Breaker
Ezekiel "Eezee" Payne
Valerius Sage
Clarence Kohler - Bloodhound
Spot for Sly

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