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Posted | 02-13-2018, 06:40 PM


There like she always was, that shadow, existing around the natural flow of her environment. Still. Forgotten if she wished it because shadows had a way of slipping to and fro and catching not a single soul's attention. Like their feet didn't ever touch the ground. Hallucinations plucked at the minds of random victims as she perched there at the little table - whether or not she was aware of it - and disaster unfolded as they made mistakes they could not see through. Construction workers mistook their thumbs for nails. Drivers mistook the gas for the brake. Chefs went to scratch their itching wrists and forgot their serrated knives were still firm in the other hand that relieved the itch. And no one would be any the wiser that she was the culprit. Because there was no indication of her thoughts, desires, interests - not on her face. Mute, save for that faint clench of her jaws.

Mother was candid. Mother explained the best she could. Explained the nature of creatures that the shadow seemed so unlike. Had gone to her for some insight because she was the only other Hydra that the young shadow knew. Older. Wiser. More aware of the cycle of thoughts and such things, it seemed. But of course. She was not Mother for no reason. Still it did not take the tension from her jaw. And she wished to do more with the serpent and did. Lately she did. Offered to help in her garden, even - started small, went to the stores with her and picked out the pottery and the stones to walk on and the types of grass they were going to plant and all those such things. And Mother appeared to enjoy the time they had more of lately. So. She did not understand. Did not understand when Mother seemed to suddenly become upset, was no longer pleased, did not like when the shadow expressed interest in helping her plant the flowers in the soil with her. Thought she would enjoy it. She did not. Told her not to ever. ever. Attempt to change her nature, things that she believed were wrong. Not to break herself. Said it like she despised it, like it was an old wound, like she was familiar with the concept. So she agreed. Did not wish to upset Mother. Did not touch the soil with her hands. But watched Mother do it on her own. Told her which flowers she would like to see next to which. Spending time. But not touching the soil. Mother was content with that. With her not touching the soil. Laughed. Smiled. Hummed those songs she knew. Looked back to ensure the shadow had not gone away. The smallest twitch of her lips in response.

But Mother was not always around. Sometimes she needed time to herself, the shadow knew this. She was not yet experienced enough to actively play games alongside the Hydra. So she was there instead, perched on a lovely little table outside an exceedingly expensive little cafe. She had tea in that decorated cup, still hot to the touch and perfect for warding off the cold winter chill and whatever else was crawling up her spine. Declan at her side, the massive beast never abandoning her.

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