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Posted | 02-12-2018, 11:09 AM


The first thing he'd noticed upon waking was just how cold he was. Face down against a freezing cement floor, he pressed his palms flat against the ground and attempted to push himself up. His body betrayed him though, causing him to immediately crumble in on himself with a heavy thud that seemed to echo throughout the room for the longest time. Breathing out a huff of annoyance he attempted to lift himself a second time, this time paying close attention to his own strength. With palms flat against the floor, he slowly pushed himself up while moving a knee beneath him to act as an anchor. Success, he was finally sitting up, no longer stuck staring at the dull grey of the cement ground beneath him.


That was the second thing he'd noticed now that he was sitting up. It was dark, almost impossibly so. Despite this, as he attempted to focus on the impenetrable wall of blackness he found that everything was ever so slowly coming into focus. The thick black wall slowly melted away and revealed shades of grey, shades that morphed into shapes, shapes that were somewhat recognisable. There was a table against the wall furthest from him, a knocked over chair in front of it. To his right was what appeared to be a metal box, its lid flung open and barely holding on by its hinges. He couldn't quite make out what was inside, though now that things were coming into focus he finally noticed the third thing that would stay with him for centuries to come.


The thick smell of copper finally assaulted his nose, the dark puddles that coated the ground around him finally becoming noticeable. Blood, and lots of it. His first reaction was to push himself back from his seated position, impacting the wall behind him and sliding down as his eyes widened at the sight. There was so much. The thick puddles of dark red, dotted with what could only be described as gore. Skin, chunks of what had to be flesh, teeth, practically coated the surface of the floor. The smell was strong, stronger than it had any right to be. Why was it so strong? He could practically taste it. Why could he even see? Surely it was too dark to be able to see.

"Who am I?"

His lips formed the words that hit his mind, his brow furrowed as he attempted to remember anything. It hurt to think, but he had to remember something right? Start with a name. Whats his name? A word flashes, something beginning with 'K'. Kerrick? No that can't be it, doesn't sound right. Keith? Still not right, but closer perhaps?

"Keean" He speaks again for the second time, lips moving without his mind's permission. His name is Keean. Who is he though? What is he?

Pressing his hand against the wall behind him, Keean slowly lifted himself on shaky legs. It took longer than he'd care to admit but he eventually found himself standing on his own two feet. He needed light, he needed to leave. With that in mind he slowly scanned the walls of the room once more. The wall behind him, to his right and in front of him were solid, but the wall to his left had a large indent that gave way to a set of stairs...a set of stairs that led up.

With his goal in sight, Keean shuffled across the cement floor towards the stairs. Avoiding the mess of gore was frankly too hard, so he didn't bother. His feet glided through the thick mess, quickly becoming coated in a deep shade of crimson. He didn't have time to care though, he needed out.

Reaching the stairs, Keean looked up to spot a crack of light filtering through a hatch at the top. It had to be outside. Lips pressed together thinly, he pressed his hand against the wall to his right and carefully climbed the stairs. His feet slapped against each step, leaving behind a set of dark footprints as he worked his way to the light. His mind was still racing, trying to piece together any memories that remained. Unfortunately for him, his name was all that came back to him.

Coming to a stop at the top of the stairs, Keean lifted a hand to push against the metal hatch. It didn't budge. Too heavy? No, he wasn't going to be trapped in here by a fucking door. Reaching up with both hands this time, Keean steadied himself against the top step and heaved with whatever strength he could summon. Something gave way and the hatch flew open faster than expected, a startled Keean stumbling out and landing on the grass outside. He groaned, rolling onto his back and blinking rapidly as the daytime sun assaulted his eyes.


A single annoyed word slipped past his lips as Keean slowly lifted himself from the dry grass. The first thing he saw was an answer to his previous question. Right in front of him was himself, or more accurately a reflection of himself in a large shard of glass leaning against the building before him. Looking back at him was a male with pale skin, a head of shaggy black hair and piercing cerulean blue eyes. He was wearing a messy plain white t-shirt and a pair of black cargo pants with several tears along the sides. Clearly not a fashionista. More than all that though, two things stood out. His ears had sharp points to them and his teeth...well those looked suited to tearing through meat. Definitely not human.

"Demon huh..."

That was one answer, though he still had many more questions at the tip of his tongue. For now though, he needed to leave. He couldn't stay here, not after the scene he'd awoken to. His answers could come later. Lifting himself to his feet more successfully than earlier, Keean turned on his heel and proceeded to leave the yard he'd stumbled into.

He didn't look back.

He did, however, think about that day for the next two centuries. Answers eluded him, though he never stopped searching.

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