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He was running on pure adrenaline. The rush of battle still fresh in his mind, the thrumming of war still vibrating through his body, as he stood still, soaking in the feel of his mate pressed so close. Her whispered words reverberating through him before he was shoved forwards, into the warm spray of the shower.

Chuckling wickedly he spun around and raised a brow at her declaration of welcoming him home. Licking his lips lightly he smirked, a clawed hand making quick work of her clothes as he drug her under the faucet with him. Wrapping his arms around her, one gripping tightly to her waist while the other fisted in her hair, yanking her head back as he drug his nose down the skin of her neck, inhaling deeply as his fangs teased dangerously against her veins.

"I think I should be the one finally welcoming you home, love."

Biting down gently, just hard enough to indent her skin, he hissed lightly as he felt them moving. Cold air against his skin for the briefest of seconds before warm water returned and he did not have to look around to know they were now somewhere else. His home. Their home.

Apparently someone had not wanted to overhear their victory celebration and that was just fine by him. Not that he cared who over heard them. Who saw them. All that mattered was the goddess finally in his arms, free and waiting for him to relearn her body.

Releasing his grip on her hair he let his hand slide down her back as his mouth trailed down her body, exploring, tasting, feasting. Lips mouthing against her collarbone and over the swell of her breasts before latching onto a nipple, tongue flicking against the perking bud teasingly as his teeth gently closed around it before shifting and giving the same treatment to the other before he slowly sank to his knees, continuing his journey.

Looking upwards he kept his eyes locked on hers as his tongue lazily licked its way down her middle. Pulling skin between his lips, his teeth as he slowly worked his way down, drawing it out as his nails dug into her hips, piercing skin and holding her captive.

His tongue dipped into her belly button with teasing thrusts as his hands released their drip on her waist, bloody fingers moving to grip her upper thighs, slowly lifting her up as his mouth moved further south. Draping her legs over his shoulders he wrapped one arm around her waist to hold her close, the other pressed against the tiled shower wall.

Turning to nip at the flesh of her thigh he gently lapped up the small droplets of blood that welled up, his senses kicking into overdrive at the scent of blood and arousal, cock growing hard where it lay untouched between his legs as he slowly turned, tongue dragging against her folds. Moaning darkly at the taste of it, the taste of her and her arousal, he tightened his grip and plunged deep, tongue licking, lips suckling, intent on having his fill and hearing the sweet sound of her screaming his name.

DATE: 2/18 | TAG: Hitomi | BGM:

Peaches and Cream.

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Posted | 02-13-2018, 05:54 PM

That wicked chuckle made the muscles in her stomach clench. A rich, deadly sound that once upon a time made her knees quiver. To think after all these millennia? It hadn't lost its effect. Her brow arched as he shredded the pretty dress she had on.

"I actually liked that dress." Her eyes narrowed before he pulled them under the spray. Her eyes closed before he wrapped his arms around her. One holding possessive against her waist, the other yanked her head back as it fisted in her hair. There was a soft grunt of sound as her lashes fluttered shut. Her nails dug into his shoulder blades as he slid his face against her skin.

That delicate pain sending all the tingles down her spine. Then there was a rush of cold that had her gasping. There was a hazy gaze about the bathroom, interrupted as he trailed his lips down the line of her body. His lips slid over the rise of breast before teasing both nipples to peak. Sliding down further as their eyes stayed locked. How many times had she seen this?

His tongue dipped into her navel and she finally realized she was panting, hard. The anticipation already had her quivering. Nails, lips, fangs, scaped, teased and pressed into every inch as he got to his knees. Her legs slid over his shoulders as commanded. Her nostrils flared as he nipped at the flesh of her inner thighs.

When he finally, put his lips, against her? She wept.

Before she gave up hope? Before she decided to stop deluding herself? She had dreamt of this; yearning for his touch. For his torture. He moaned into those folds and the world went quiet. She could hear the thunder of her heart in her ears. Her hands clawed the air on a cry. Her hands slapped against the wall with enough force to crack the surrounding tiles. The other fisted in his hair as she shuddered against him unashamed at the ease it took for him wring the first orgasm right out of her.

But, she still knew the game. It was going to take more than that for her to start screaming his name.

Date : 2/18 Tagged : Mikhail Attire :: BGM: Eat you up.. /

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