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Find Boris Zaitsev

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Posted | 9 hours ago

Boris smirked again and shook his head. "They didn't think about that, did they?" he said. "They give Gula whores to us sometimes. I guess they don't do it for the pit slaves," he said as he was thinking about it. "Maybe if you get a few more wins they'll have one waiting for you in your room." It happened to Boris before. Most of them he dismissed. He did not care to fuck the ones that looked terrified or depressed. There were a few, however, he did fuck with.

"It's great to have a good fuck after a good workout or winning a fight," Boris mentioned. "And my demons are always asking me to fuck. They enjoy it too much."

He could hear Hati and Skoll laughing in his head.

Then they decided to show themselves. Two handsome young men appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Both of them were as naked as their host. They had tan skin, brown hair, brown eyes and looked about 5-7 years younger than Boris. Despite being nearly a thousand years old, they were somewhat immature in their appearance and behavior. Their human-appearing demon bodies were spattered by the water falling from the spouts.

"Hi Mr. Donovan, Boris is a big fan." "Hi Mr. Donovan, Boris is a big fan." The twins spoke in perfect unison. They walked toward Donovan before they brushed shoulders. One got angry at the other and they started wrestling playfully. Their wrestling ended with them on the ground. One of the twins was face down on his stomach while the other sat on his back and smacked the face down twin's bare, tight bum.

Boris rolled his eyes at the display. "Why did you make an appearance here?" he asked them.

"We liked your conversation."

"And we need to feed."

"We're starving! "We're starving!"

The twins stood, walked to their host, where one tweaked one of Boris' nipples and the other smacked Boris' bum. Boris swatted at them, but they ducked and dodged. They then grabbed Boris' body wash, put an excessive amount in their hands, and began lathering Boris' body while giggling.

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