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Find Huang

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Posted | 12-26-2017, 03:09 PM

He had been led to believe that Kairos take care of their own, though he didn't actually know how true that really was. He still believed that Ira would rip him off if they got half the chance. Even so he was headed towards their bank to make a deposit to start an account with them. He thought to only afford them a small amount of what he earned just to see what they would do with it. But then he didn't believe in keeping all of his savings in a single place. He kept stashes all over so that if something happened to one then he had another that he could depend upon.

Huang looked up at the shaped stones as he passed through the archway. Historical sites, what a load of rubbish. Who really cared what happened in the past? His lineage had been a great one but he didn't hear them spoken of so often anymore. Sucks for them since they got rid of him. He could have made them great again. Perhaps he should start his own line. But children, they were a handful and you couldn't just eat them if you were planning on spreading your name around. Such a bother for fame and renown.

He gaze flitted from one passerby to the next as he silently noted which of them were actually taking in the sights and paying attention to their surroundings and which were only trying to get from point A to point B. His tally told him that most just didn't give a shit for what was around them so long as they were not being held up from getting to where they were going.

But then one face stuck out of the crowd. It was a face he hadn't seen in centuries, a face he wasn't certain if he had ever really wanted to see again.

The shock of spotting the demon, now without an attachment, had him stopping in the middle of the street. This had caused him to be bumped into and sent stumbling. "Asshole!" He barked out the words as the demon with a human shell kept on going without even an apology.

Huang swore under his breath and tugged at his gloves. For a moment he considered chasing the shelled demon down and destroying hm but the number of potential witnesses present kept him at bay. Instead he simply made a mental note of what the other looked like so that he could track him down later to make him pay.

Find Gareth Maddox

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Asshole! Gareth heard, in a voice that was as familiar to him as his own, he fancied.

Perhaps not quite that familiar. Huang didn't have near so great a love of talk as Gareth. Still, he proselytized quite a bit on the old junks of Ching Shih's ship. Gareth looked up and over, his eyebrows driving into his head.

When last he'd heard that voice, it was preaching to him about his own ignobility for attaching to a human. Ching Shih had docked the ship not long after, the red fans of the sails pulled up tight, and Huang made his escape.

Many seamen had met their ignoble end in that venture, but Ching Shih and Cheung Po Tsai were off and safe, as was Gareth himself.

It was a blip in the matrix.

Seeing his face and the confirmation of it being the same man, Gareth changed directions through the crowd. He waved his hand at Huang catching his eye, and began pushing through the people.

The throng didn't let him go and Huang was likely to dodge him, so Gareth shot up straight into the air, a few people glancing at him tiredly as he floated over their heads and landed lightly in front of Huang.

He had a disarming grin.

"How's my lad? Huang, dear boy, I haven't seen you in centuries!"

He clouted him on the shoulder, slapping him good-naturedly, strong enough someone might stagger.

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