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Demon Realm's Guidebook

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This guidebook entry is a required read, please make sure to read it thoroughly

1 | What is the Demon Realm?

You were born lucky, kid. The modern age means medicine, technology, and your own personal demon to guide and manipulate you. Have you been to the City yet? Economists and sociologists are proclaiming it the capital of our world, and it’s true what they say: the City is a gorgeous mess of us, of our dreams, our hopes, and our aspirations — or maybe not. The City’s always seemed to have a mind of its own. My point is, conflicts may seem far away — except when they’re dumped on your doorstep. That’s when you call in the cops... or the robbers.

Maybe you’re fleeing a conflict. Maybe you’re fleeing poverty. Maybe you and your demon are reaching out with hungry hands to grab the opportunities the City is famous for. In this world where all children are born with two souls — human and demon — the City is all of us. Or none of us. Regardless, work on bettering yourself. You know what I mean: evolve your ascensions, learn new dominions, put that magic to work! Just don’t burn down the City. You’ll do fine.

Excerpt from Frommer’s Guide to the City

Among humans, the City is known as an inexplicable, paradoxical phenomenon that came into existence when the barrier broke. To demons, the City has always just been. We like to think it’s a mystery even to them — though it probably isn’t. That said, the City acts as its own political entity, policing and governing itself while proclaiming diplomatic neutrality. For all intents and purposes, the City is its own country, and a prominent one at that.

The City exists in an extra-dimensional space — a place in between reality. It shifts and changes organically, and seems to be a truly limitless and infinite construction. From the outside, the City appears to be nothing but an average tower, but upon entering the structure the City develops into a massive and sprawling metropolis. The City is composed of an incredible number of floors, each unique. Each floor of the City appears to be its own encapsulated segment of the City. Don’t be mistaken, however. One floor can be as large as the entirety of Beijing, and then some, and every floor within the City is prone to spontaneous and seemingly inexplicable change. While some floors are more stable than others, very few places within the City are fixed.

Needless to say, the City is one-of-a-kind. While there are other pocket cities, the City is without a doubt one of the largest, most affluent, and most powerful ones around. It also boasts the status of a world leader, with many mega-corporations (particularly demon-led ones) establishing their headquarters within the City. Further, the City houses the Panopticon, one of only a handful of maximum security prisons capable of containing demons, and remains one of the leading locations for demonological research, development, and instruction.
Sitewide Plot
The entire thing was horrifying.

The scene wasn't gruesome. You'd seen worse things walking the beat in your time on the force, and this didn't even make the top twenty list of bloody, disgusting, or ruthless shit you'd seen. The alleyway the shopkeep found her in wasn't dirtier than any less traveled path on any other floor. She was lying there in the middle, limbs akimbo and head back, with the most minute trickle of blood streaking down her upper lip. Not dead, but unresponsive. So the horror?

Meds got no demon signature off her. She was empty. Nothing. For the first time in three hundred years, there was a host who wasn't hosting shit. You stared a moment longer, the fear and confusion emanating from your demon easy to mistake as your own.

“Load her up.” You turned quickly, not wanting to see anyone touch her or even think of touching her yourself. A new day, a new bout of horror and mayhem. What else was new in the City?
Site Trailer

2 | Character Types

There are two major types of characters playable on Demon Realm: human hosts with demonic attachments, and demons who exist without hosts.

Human hosts are broken into two subdivisions based upon the nature of their attachment: Primal or Civil. An attachment is classified as primal or civil by the ‘level of cognizance’ of the attachment. Civil demons show cognizance and self-awareness on human levels, while primal demons can be considered more animalistic in nature. The clearest difference is simple: civil demons can communicate in a shared language with their host and primal demons cannot.

Players may choose if their character is human with a civil attachment, human with a primal attachment, or demon. In the roleplay world, humans are born unaware of which type of attachment they will be given. It appears that attachment type occurs at random.

More information about the character types on Demon Realm can be found here

Human with Primal Attachment
Human with Civil Attachment
Solo Demon

Can perform magic?


Magical Resilience?


Potential for Dominion Growth?


Potential for Mastery Growth?



100-200 years
100-200 years
Presumed Immortal

Percent of Population?


3 | Character Generation

Creating your character happens a little differently in Demon Realm. A character’s starting dominion number, dominion types, mastery levels, and ascension level (if applicable) are randomly generated during character creation. Details about your character, such as their type and age, will affect the random generator.
Dominions are areas of magical expertise
Mastery is the level of power or control someone
has over a dominion
Ascension levels are marks of human development
If you want more control over your character's creation, you are allowed to choose your starting dominions from the currently discovered dominions list. If you choose to randomize, there is a potential that you may not like the dominions you receive. Don’t worry! Acquiring more dominions - and different dominions - is part of the game. Keep in mind that characters have the potential to acquire dominions never before been seen in game should you choose to randomize.

When you submit your application for review, Staff will respond to your application with the generator’s results. The application will then be accepted and filed.

You may ask us to roll for your character's dominions before you write your profile app, we'll be more than happy to do that for you. That's why this thread exists! All we need is a name, a demon age, a human age, and the type of character you're making (human with civil demon, human with primal demon, or solo demon).

4 | How to Get Started

Demon Realm uses a profile app. After you’ve registered an account, mouseover Account and click Edit Profile. Fill out the provided profile fields.
Content Restrictions
Be honest and don’t be afraid to be clear. If you don’t want to write something, either because it’s personally upsetting to you or you just don’t like it, this is the place to tell us! If you have content restrictions, list them in full in your Player Notes section.
Character Summary
Exactly what this sounds like, this should be a summary. Give us a synopsis of your character: if there’s something you want a person to know right off, before threading with the character, use this to tell them!
Character In-Depth
This is where you write a full rundown of your character. You can write a selection of formative scenes from their lives, you can write a slightly more full summary, you can detail their full history, you can be as creative as you want, or as formal as you want! You can use videos or pictures, you can really do what you want to do. As long as you give us a sense of the character, we’ll happily take it.
Factions are groups that your character can belong to. We have four premade factions, but don’t be afraid to make a character outside of or uninvolved with our factions. The faction leaders are NPCs, and not open to be played. Anything mentioned below the leader role is playable, though!

The opportunity to create more factions will be offered at a later date. Keep an eye out for the announcement!

The Cops

The cops aren’t necessarily the good guys. They’re not necessarily the bad guys, either. They’re groups of independent contractors hired to uphold the law, and the law can be indiscriminate and unfair, too.

Spirit Detectives

These guys tend to think of themselves as superheroes, even when they’re not. Though officially chartered by the City and its officials, they still prefer a more vigilante and informal style of justice.


These are your beat cops, your patrolmen. Though they’re more by-the-books than the Spirit Detectives, there’s got to be a heart and soul here, underneath all that bureaucratic red tape.

The Robbers

The robbers aren’t necessarily the bad guys. They’re not necessarily the good guys, either. They’re criminal conglomerates who fulfill the needs — and scratch those immoral itches — of the City.

White Rabbit

These are your white collar criminals. Playing host to a global network of black market buyers and sellers, the White Rabbit is notorious for being a mover and shaker on the world scene. In the City they are believed to be the leading cause for intellectual piracy and the leaking of corporate — and government — secrets. Countless mega-corporations have been exposed and exploited by the White Rabbit and it is believed that most large businesses — who seek to avoid victimization by the group — pay protection fees.


These are your mafioso criminals. The Kairos faction serves their own interests and seek power and wealth beyond all else. They keep their clutches on the pulse of the City and intimidate many of the smaller factions into obedience.


Then there are entities all of their own, not working towards any particular cause. These colorful characters seem to be the very beating heart of The City, with it up to you to decide if that heart is selfish, caring, or maybe... woefully indifferent.
Demon Information
Tell us about your demon in this section. Who are they? How old are they? Do they have a preferred gender? Are they civil or primal? What kind of person are they? What’s their history?

If you’re playing a demon without a human host, this can instead talk about favorite human hosts they’ve had — or least favorite.

Canon Characters or
Historical Figures as Civil Demons

The appearance of a civil demon may be affected by a human’s strong affinity towards fictional or historical figures, though it may not be! It may fashion an appearance realistic or fantastic. This means that virtually any media from our world (tv show, book, graphic novel, movie, whatever you can think of) can be mirrored by a demon in Demon Realm’s world! Remember, though, the reason that their demon is taking the form of the character or historical figure has to be impactful. Sometimes these representations may be serious, sometimes they may be tongue-in-cheek on the demon’s part.

More than one person may have the same canon character or historical figure, since more than one person might be inspired by a popular figure like Batman or Napoleon. And again, the demon can be an original character of yours, too! It’s what you make of it, really. Staff aren’t interested in limiting you, only in stimulating your creativity!

5 | Mechanics

Jail Mechanics
Staff will post in a thread if someone is at risk of being arrested. The person at risk will have the option to run, resist arrest, or go quietly. If they run, or resist arrest, this becomes a staff-moderated event. They may successfully escape—or they may be successfully arrested by law enforcement.

Should they be successfully arrested, they will be taken below ground to the Panopticon. Being taken to the Panopticon means that you will be unable to play outside the prison for either three out of character days (so three whole days in our world), or after doing two complete threads in jail. This is the protocol regardless of the length of the in-character sentence.

What you need to know as a player is that the Panopticon appears to have a different sense of time inside than out. So, if you serve thirty years in the Panopticon, you will neither age nor will thirty years pass outside of the Panopticon. Rather, it will only be three days from when you went in. Feel free to think through how the experiences in prison might have changed the prisoners, or for that matter, the guards. Remember, though, anyone can be arrested, if they’re breaking a serious enough law in too flagrant a fashion. People playing lawbreakers, robbers or not, should strive for believability in their illegal endeavors and getting out of situations scot-free, but understand if things go wrong arrest is a possibility.

The Panopticon has a massive stockpile of anti-dominion technology, and is the largest and most secure anti-dominion technology currently available.
Fortune Teller
This is a famous person of mystery and interest, who meshes into the dime-a-dozen cookie cutter tellers. They can give you the knowledge you thirst for: information on your personal ascension possibilities or the key to collecting new dominions. Everyone in the City can summon them once a month, though they also come out on rare, admin-announced occasions, when the Krab Kafe sells its holiday whole-roasted crab.

How to Summon

You may summon the fortune teller once a month, at any time from the 1st to the final day of that month. After that, you can't summon them until the month changes (so if you posted on April 20th, you could summon the Fortune Teller again on May 1st). To summon them, choose the thread prefix [FT] for Fortune Teller. Staff will post in the thread. Feel free to poke staff if it's been a little while!