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Human with Civil Demon
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Character Summary

Birth Name: Annalisa Rush

Alias: N/A

Birth Date: Unknown

Birth Place: Unknown

Type: Solo Demon

Faction: Unaffiliated

Height: 5'4

Weight: 115 pounds

Eye Colouration: Blue

Hair Colouration: Blonde

Skin Colouration: Ivory

Body Type: Mesomorph

Age: Newborn

Occupation: Princess

Ascensions and Legacies

Character In-Depth

When you think of birth the first thing your mind usually comes to is a small boy or girl being brought to world and guided by a loving family. A family that would love and cherish him or her to their dying breathe. A family that protected one another regardless of the consequences that later hit them in life. This was the complete opposite for Annalisa. When she was brought into the world, her creation seemed to only bring and cause chaos to whoever took the chance of bringing themselves close to her. The victims of her birth were her beloved mother and brother who appeared to be trying to help her.. guide her away from the swelling darkness that was beginning to swallow her. Lies.. all lies.. all the things she thought her mother was. Annalisa's life could be described a large puzzle that was missing majority of its pieces. Instead of searching for the missing pieces, the wrong pieces were forcefully brought to together to fill in the various gaps throughout it. The only thing that was clear within her mind was the ravenous hunger within her that constantly swelled at the worst possible times bringing the death of many to sooth it.

However, the pieces being forcefully together to create a clear picture could never take your attention from that one spot that looked off. That one spot that contained the missing piece that could never truly be overlooked. This piece was Annalisa's father who seemed to vanish right after her birth. Her mother constantly told her various stories to clear her father's name and to extinguish the anger that was beginning to twist and turn within Annalisa. Two demons came together and thought they could handle the burden of creating children of their own. Children they could manpulate and guide within this very twisted world, but clearly they were wrong. This was one of the main lies that was whispered into Annalisa's ears and the lies worked. All the lies were for nothing and could not stop the grudge that was beginning to form and could not satisfy Annalisa's desire to see her father. She wanted only him and whatever Annalisa desired was usually given to her on a silver platter, so why was this not the same? Instead of continuing to question the things that were being told to her, Annalisa decided to finally fall for the lies that continued to be whispered into her ear.

Succumbing to the lies was not the correct move. The source of all the lies and the secrets vanished from Annalisa's life. Her mother abandoned them in the middle of the night, vanishing never to return to guide her creations through the tough obstacles that life would constantly be throwing at them. The one person who wasted their efforts to sooth Annalisa's almost insatiable hunger vanished allowing for it to swell until it truly unbearable. The familiar destruction and violence presented itself in her life once again and whoever mistakenly got in her path was gone. They were sacrificed for the greater good of bringing her ravenous hunger to an end. While the chaos in her life was going on, her brother began to search for their father, the missing puzzle piece regardless of the fact that another one of the pieces was vanished. It was clear the puzzle would never be complete, but her brother never once gave up on the search. Annalisa's desire to see her father had died many days ago, so she did not project any effort to assist her brother in the search. It took some weeks, but their father was finally located deep within the city. Even though her desire to see him had died, Annalisa accompanied her brother to the city in order to say these specific words, 'Is that you' finally.

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