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Hazel Raleigh

All You Need is Kill
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Violet Evergarden
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
1/2 Brigade Private

Character Summary

A little girl lost in a cruel and unfair system- literally. Stunted in growth, still small and sickly looking, Hazel looks like the weakest threat you can imagine. She is short, soft-voiced, and timid, unable to stand up or even think for herself. The Legion has been a looming prescience in her life ever since she was a little kid, and it only seems natural that it swallow her up completely. She resents the fact that the same organization that ruined her life is the only one willing to take her in in any capacity. One day, it'll chew her up and spit her out, but for now, Hazel is holding on to the mere scraps of stability she has for dear life.
Ascensions and Legacies
Force FieldMajor | Control
Superior StrengthMajor | Power
FlightMinor | Power
HallucinationsMinor | Control
Superior SpeedLesser | Power
AbsorptionLesser | Power

Character In-Depth

Hazel lived in a broken home, because of course she did. The story is always the same when you look at the kids lost in the system: the father is abusive and alcoholic, the mother is too scared to run and vents her frustrations on her child, and Hazel, stuck in between them, is left to suffer the brunt of the suffering. That part of the story didn't last for long- not with all three of them in the picture at least. Hazel was weak, and cowardly, but her dominions had started manifesting at a young age. A little speed to run away from her father. A bit of flight to stay out of her mother's clawing reach.

A force field to bounce her father's bullet off of.

It happened by accident. It saved her life. But when her dad, in a fit of rage, pointed a gun at her head and pulled the trigger, and Hazel wished herself a shield to protect her, and the projectile deflected off of it and buried itself right into her fathers skull, the police officers her mother called deemed it manslaughter anyways.

She was eight years old. Too young to understand what was happening, not young enough to be let off the hook. She was convicted, sentenced, and then sent to a correctional facility for two years. When she came back, it was to the news that her mother was no longer interested in nor capable of taking care of her anymore. Hazel now had two brands against her: the child who killed her father, and the daughter who drove her mother to insanity with grief. Apparently conviction changed your life no matter your age, whether you like it or not. Her mother was locked up somewhere, she doesn't know where, and to this day no one will tell her. Her classmates at school either avoided her or bullied her relentlessly- not that this was different than before but they did so with renewed fear and gusto respectively. And now that she's eighteen, and no longer able to rely on the tolerance of strangers, Hazel can't make a place for herself because all the places out there only see her criminal record.

The brigade was the only place that would take her. So she went. It won't be a normal life, but it's her last change at a life. Even if it's one she hates.

Demon Information

Hazel's demon is... a brooch. Just a brooch. She doesn't know what it wants or if it's even capable of wanting anything, but it's stuck with her so she can hardly do much about that. The piece of jewelry, colored a nostalgic shade of green, is usually worn under her clothes for safe-keeping.

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