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Solo Demon
Nathan Sharp
Human Pronouns
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Demon Age

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Height: 6'1"
Birthday: May 1st
Sexuality: Pansexual
Accessory: Cane with a crystal on top
Feeds on: Sex, blood, and the final breath of a human
    Sleeves of tattoos up both his arms.

Kairos | "Phantom Broker" | Middleman

Ascensions and Legacies

Major - Control

Major - Control

Major - Control

Major - Control

Major - Control

Proficient - Power

Character In-Depth

TW: death, death by sex, child? abuse. Allusions to rape and torture, very minimal.

Your birth was meant to broker peace between two demons. The final terms in a trade, a business deal. Early on, you learned what it meant to be a broker: always make sure the one who hired you gets the better end of the deal. Contract written, deals were made... and blood was shed, when the hungry demon child was thrown into the room with his father, whom he tore limb from limb while his mother laughed. She had his wealth and his followers, and that was all she wanted. You were fairly certain you would starve, left locked in a room with your father's corpse. Oh, you were fed now and then, every once in a while. You were more useful to her while you were alive. You were a disposal. You took care of her left overs. You hated it, but you weren't strong enough to escape. You thought you would die down there... until you were released by a sweet, unassuming human girl.

But there was a price for your freedom.

This human hated your mother, the succubus that took her husband away, drained him dry, and left her a widow--a dishonored one, her husband killed with his pants around his ankles. She made a deal with you, then. She would set you free, and you would build your strength. You would devour others. And you would tear your mother limb from limb.

You were more than happy to agree to those terms.

So you fed. You wiped out an entire village in your hunger, and you grew strong. You found knowledge. She taught you games, taught you to read, to write. And you plotted. She fed you and you grew, and when the time came she watched as you tore out your mother's throat. And when you finished with your mother? You fulfilled the final part of your deal with her.

Alice's blood, her sex, tasted more divine than any you'd fed on before.

Your partner in crime received a better send off than any of your other victims. She received a burial befitting a queen, as much as you could provide in the little cabin in the woods you shared. And when it was finished, you went on your way. You would not share the body of a human, but every so often you would take a human as a companion. You would spend time with them, give them the things they desired. And when they were truly ripe? You would feed.

Eventually, however, you grew bored with merely feeding. You needed something to entertain you. It was then that you first began to make deals. You would give people the things they would do anything to have... and when they failed to keep their end of the bargain? You took from them the things they wanted most, and then you took their lives, fed from them and let their screams sound like music in your ears.

It was through one of these deals that you became involved in Kairos. Of course, you were not the type to be pinned down to one family. No, that was not the way you did things. But you were impressed enough, and interested enough, in the group that you remained. You tied yourself to them, still making deals on your own, but allowing deals made for the benefit of Kairos to come first. After all--it's always good to have a... neutral party around, to mediate the deals you need made.

And to make sure they're followed through.

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