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Reginald Mason

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Alfred Enoch
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He || Him
She || Her
White Rabbit
College Student || Robotics and Biomechatronics

Character Summary

Reginald Mason is what you would call a wallflower. He's an introvert through and through. His people skills are not up to par, but his ability to memorize and recall specific events, obsess over very minute details, and his love for technology are very much up there. He's a textbook nerd. And if it were not for those dimples and that smile, he would still be a virgin. He's been known to prefer robots over people, but that's always subject to change. His awkwardness is somewhat endearing since he sometimes tries to make an effort to connect with people, but he just tends to word vomit his thoughts, hoping someone would get him. If you need some useless facts about anything or someone to make you a cybernetic replica of all things Star Wars, he's your guy.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1 || Telekinesis || Power Based || Level 1 - Lesser

Dominion 2 || Technopathy || Control Based || Level 1 - Lesser

Dominion 3 || Pocket Space || Control Based || Level 1 - Lesser

Dominion 4 || Electricity || Control Based || Level 2 - Minor

Dominion 5 || Animation || Control Based || Level 2 - Minor

Dominion 6 || Gnosis || Power Based || Level 2 - Minor

Character In-Depth

Even as a child, Reggie was different. That's what his parents like to call him. Different. He was always too honest and unfiltered for his own good. It would come off as rude, but he means well most of the time. Unfortunately, that gave him a pretty bad reputation in school and made him a target for quite a few bullies. His parents dragged him to a psychiatrist, where he was diagnosed with OCD and impulsive-control disorder. He has a habit of focusing on something and latching onto it and riding that obsession train for the long haul. Add that to lack of a filter, and his parents had a lot on their hands. So, seeing the potential struggles for their child, Reggie's parents decided to give him something to focus on.

Being a web designer, his father thought he'd set his son on the path of technology. Why not use that obsessive nature for creativity and money, right? Unfortunately, Reggie didn't take to graphic or web design, but these outlets led him to his passion. Robotics.

There is something about creating from absolutely nothing that gives him so much satisfaction. He's gotten so good at engineering for his robotics club that he managed to carry them through most of their tournaments throughout high school. Reggie became a big deal within the robotics community. He was a big fish in a small pond, and now that he graduated and working on his bachelor's degree in Biomechanics and Robotics, he's starting to feel the pressure.

Demon Information

Zero is an entity that has existed long before the technology we know and love today. She doesn't have much memory of her origins, aside from the darkness that surrounded her when she gained consciousness. Zero spent her formative years being a motivating energy within her hosts. She gives them the sharp eye for detail and drives to achieve great technological breakthroughs. She takes pride in her contribution to the advancement of mankind.

Granted, most of her hosts have faced many sleepless nights, lost connections with loved ones, and maybe even their lives for the sake of human advancement; be it through politics, art, or technology, Zero has been the unspoken drive to do more and be more. She has created brilliant thinkers but also broken them too.

Zero comes in a lot of forms, catering to the minds of her hosts. To Reggie, she appears as a beautiful golden robotic woman.

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