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Arseniy Voronin

"Reality is what others dream up for you."-Joseph Kavinsky, The Dream Thieves
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Vasiliy Stepanov
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He/him They/their
Club Owner, Drug Dealer, Gang Leader

Character Summary

Likes: Sex, drugs, alcohol, business going well, being in control, hurting others, sex, drugs, getting his way, violence, and making others afraid. Secretly he likes showing and receiving affection.

Dislikes: Other crime organizations, being told no, getting caught, not having control, disrespect, and going too long without sex, drugs, or alcohol.

Fears: While he won’t admit it, he is actually scared of himself and what he has become. He wants to be loved and show someone love in return, but he is so afraid of rejection that he settles for just keeping people around as whores or people he works with.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Other Information: Arseniy sells many types of drugs, though he is best known for his drug Dreamer, which can't be found anywhere else. What it is made of and where he gets it from is unknown to everyone but him. He also keeps around a harem, aka his prostitutes or whores, though he tends to throw them to the curb after a few weeks. He was also in a relationship once, though many speculate that he killed his partner.

Ascensions and Legacies

The Lovers Tier 1. Ascension to "THE CAPULET" Love is a sacrifice, and that is never more obvious than with the capulet’s willingness to give up what they have for the safety and happiness of another. They value mutual attraction and harmony in relationships, and are generally risk-averse. They avoid conflict. The capulet is a lover, not a fighter. You feel new possibilities within you. You can now easily persuade other people. The empathy dominion has a greater effect on you than on most. The dominions pathfinding, empathy, telepathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Any dominion you and the person you most care about share is also augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Hallucinations/Lesser/Power Based

Fire/Lesser/Power Based

Shadow/Lesser/Control Based

Combustion/Proficient/Control Based

Shapeshifter/Minor/Power Based

Empathy/Lesser/Control Based

Character In-Depth

Aliases: Vladimir Chaykovsky, Ivan Noaumov, Mikhail Matveev, Leon Pasternak, Dmitry Markov, Vitya Romanov, and Igor Rasputin

Nicknames: Seniy, Sen, Vlad, Dimka, Devil's Spawn, Harbinger of Death

Ethnicity: Russian

Personality: Arseniy is known to be violent and very temperamental. This leads people to believe that he is unstable, which he very well may be. He has a tendency to be rather sadistic and cruel, not seeming to care about others, only himself. That being said, he isn't a narcissist, he just learned early on that you only really have yourself to rely on in this world. He is known to be rather intimidating and has a very dominate aura. He commands any space he is in and demands respect. Whether people give it to him out of awe or out of fear is up for debate. It is also known that he has a tendency to like being in charge and having control in a situation. If he doesn't have this, then he tends to get rather annoyed, or even angry.

As his name suggests, he has a very high sex drive and keeps a harem of p to 6 people at any time, though he cycles through them rather quickly. He is a known alcoholic and a bit of druggie, though he doesn't do any major drugs. It is best to avoid getting on his bad side, as he never forgets a grudge or wrongdoing. Even so, he is able to put up a front very well, though he only uses it around authorities, when he is in crowded places, or when he makes an appearance in the club. He doesn't act kid, but he acts like he is distant and rules with an iron fist. He likes things to be done to his standards, and he likes them done correctly the first time. He confiscates well for those who do make it up to his standards. At least, that's what rumors say.

Beneath all of this though, Arseniy is just a man longing for love. He knows what he has become, and while he doesn't admit it, he hopes that he'll meet someone someday who will accept him for what he's become, and maybe even help him out of this dark place. He doesn't express his want for attention and love though. It can be noted that he may disguise comments and has actually helped out employees who needed it in some way before, but no one knows he did it as they would never suspect him to be the type, which he can love with.

Background: Arseniy was born to a wealthy family in Russia. His parents were obsessed with appearance and wanted everything in their lives to be perfect. Including their son. He was forced to fit into his parent's standards, never allowed to be himself. His parents need for perfection led them to be rather cold and unloving towards him, and it didn't help that he had no friends. In High School, he decided to rebel against his parents and started to drink and dabble in drugs. He started going to many parties and could be gone for days at a time. After a few months of this, he started to become more aggressive, and his parents disowned him so he would' stain their reputation. His father was murdered a few weeks later, and many believe that Arseniy had killed him to get back at him and his mother for disowning him. After his death, his mother became an alcoholic, and she claims that Arseniy because abusive to her, but this claim can't be proven. His life stayed like this for many years until he decided to move to the city 3 years ago. He has opened up a club that he has named Paradise, and has been slowly building up a gang within the clubs walls.


Ivana Rozaliya Voronin- Mother, Alive

Yakov Shura Voronin- Dad, Deceased

Nikolai Anatoly Voronin- Stepdad, Alive

Yermolia Yura Voronin- Younger half-brother, Alive

Elizaveta Sonya Voronin- Younger half-sister, Alive

Viktoriya Asya Voronin- Younger half-sister, Alive

Demon Information

(Artwork does not belong to me. While I could not find who made it, all credit goes to the original artist, and I in no way take claim for the artwork used)

Arseniy's demon, which he has given the name Shura, is a Pheonix. While they may not look tough, Shura is actually very capable and able to hold their own. They tend to help Arseniy quite a lot and only listens to him. Shura is very caring and affectionate towards Arseniy, making up for the lack of it in his life. They act as a voice of reason at times and would do anything to protect Arseniy. They generally don't like humans much, with the exception of Arseniy. Areseniy can get away with a lot when it comes to Shura, and the Pheonix is willing to act as his companion as well. Shura feeds off of others emotions, not being fussy about which ones they take. They are able to take many other forms, but they prefer their Pheonix form as it is their strongest form.

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