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Any kind of dark plot or twisted scheme is good with me. Anything that inspires character growth. Be it as the villain or the hero of the story. Or just the tragic victim. I'm up for any of it as long as it's fun and both parties are having a good time writing it.

Character Information

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Face Claim
Solo Demon
Elise Laurenne
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Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Kalistophrios or Kalis is an old demon. Her origins lost in the mists of time. She spent most of her time in the demon worlds. Fighting for those who could pay her to do battle. She was a fighter who liked to strike from the shadows, to murder the unsuspecting. Many would call her an assassin. She had a strong sense of retribution and she fed off the other demon's hatreds and anger, feeding off the death of her victims.

Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Ascensions and Legacies
Pheromones - The ability to manipulate attraction, whether platonic, physical or romantic, in other people towards yourself. More persuasive speaking, more successful seduction, and a great deal of ability to control the attention of and fill a room. Pheromones work passively, so you can’t turn this dominion off.
Control Based: Better control of how you affect someone.
Level: Minor

Regeneration - The ability to regenerate lost limbs, organs, and cartilage on oneself.
Power Based: The greater loss you can regenerate (i.e. dependent on mastery levels, power based regeneration would allow you to regenerate bigger wounds like a severed arm, or stomped stomach).
Control Based: The more intricate of a loss you can regenerate (i.e. dependent on mastery levels, control based generation would allow you to regenerate even the smallest details in the body, such as stolen blood cells or chromosomes even).
Level: Greater

Shadows - The creation/manipulation of shadows, the ability to fade into the shadows or use shadows to hide things.
Power Based: The larger amount of shadows you can create at once.
Level: Major

Superior Endurance - Accelerated endurance. This dominion means you can endure greater pressure, deeper pain, greater strain both physical and emotional, and more dangerous situations than you normally would be able to. Can also run farther and do more laborious things without getting tired.
Control Based: Greater mental or emotional strain.
Power Based: Greater physical strain.
Level: Legendary

Superior Strength - Increased strength. This dominion encompasses the temporary or full-time manipulation of muscles, though this may not have outward physical effects.
Control Based: You can remain strong for longer, at higher masteries indefinitely, but not do the same amazing short-term blasts of a power-based user of this dominion.
Level: Proficient

Teleportation - The ability to completely transport oneself along with other people or objects to any recently-explored or familiar areas.
Control Based: The less familiar the user needs to be with the destination in order to teleport successfully there.
Level: Proficient

Character In-Depth

Kalis was born nearly ten thousand years ago in the Demon Realms. A demon of extreme beauty and deadly appetites. She killed and fed off her first demon shortly after her birth and developed a taste for it. She preferred to slay the demons as quickly as she could. Though her eagerness meant that she rarely got to feed off them the way she wanted to. She was too blood thirsty for her own good. She was prone to fighting from the darkness as she sought her pleasures.

But all was not to be well for the demon. She was captured by the family of those whom she had killed and kept imprisoned for over a year. She was used and abused most cruelly. The demons keeping her collared to prevent her from using her powers. They tortured her body repeatedly and tried to break her mind. Trying to turn her into something soft and pliable for them. Yet it wasn't to be.

After a thousand years in prison she was finally released when the enemies of her enemies stormed the citadel and destroyed it. They inadvertantly freed the demon and she found her way to the world once more. Her blood lust great as she strove to make up for lost time. She was a force of nature.

But her world was a damaged one. Her mind suffered from the tortures she had endured. There were times when she forgot that she was a demon altogether and thought herself merely a regular human woman. Those times were strange ones for her.

During one of these times she found love. She lived as mortal for a long time. Long enough for her husband to grow old an die. And yet in all of that time she never aged. She never grew older or had a child. That was when her memories came rushing back and she returned to the demon world.

She returned to the demon realms and fought a battle that nearly killed her. Stricken with grief at the loss of her human lover and determined to live out her days alone she battled once more. Striving to die at the hands of her enemies. And yet she lived.

Now her mind has mostly healed. She tends to stick to her human form and hide her demonic nature because she feels shame in her immortality. She pretends to be human when she is not killing to feed.

Demon Information

Her demonic form is a red skinned woman with the body of a serpent from the waist down. Her tail is roughly thirty feel long and as thick as a man's body for much of it's length, though it tapers to a long and narrow tail at the tip. She has four arms and a number of horns from her head all curving forward. Her fingers are tipped in long retractable claws that she can expose at will. Her fangs are also retractable, should she choose not to kill when she bites those she hates. Her body is supple and graceful and suited to kill those who cross her.

She feeds on death, anger and hatred, the lust for revenge that lurks in the hearts of all beings. Those with fierce tempers are often her favorite people for they serve as living batteries for her appetites. She tends to hide her demonic form, feeling shame in her nature thanks to the tortures that were heaped upon her.

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