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Victor Thorne

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Pit Fighter/Monster Hunter

Character Summary

Name: Victor Thorne

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: No

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'9"

Build: Huge

Tattoos: Sleeve over entire right arm, dragon head on left forearm and large tribal on left shoulder

Piercings: None

He's always the biggest man in the room and carries himself as such. He has no time for frivolity. Even his clothes are all simple/militaristic. He carries scars like battle trophies.
Ascensions and Legacies
Absorption Power Lesser

Combustion Power Minor

Shapeshifter Control Lesser

Summon Control Proficient

Superior Endurance Power Lesser

Superior Strength Power Minor

Character In-Depth

Victor was always big for his age. And growing up in Ghost Town, he learned to appreciate what that size did for him. Many considered Victor a bully. Truthfully he just believed in the motto of might makes right. If he wanted something, he took it. If the person wanted it back, they could take it, well they could try. Unlike normal school yard bullies Victor didn't pick on anyone. He didn't single out the nerds or the fat or the unkempt. He was just as likely to swipe the lunch of a fellow jock as he was a mathlete. And yes, Victor was a jock. Basketball, football, wrestling; anything physical he was part of it. With his strength and size he wasn't just good, he excelled. Unfortunately, Victor also had a temper. Whether due to his own aggressive personality or his demon or both would be impossible to say. What could be said is that his temper kept him out of college. No school was willing to gamble on possible lawsuits if he broke another player in half no matter how many trophies he could win them.

So with few prospects for a job aside from manual labor Victor found a profession where he could not only use his size and strength to their fullest but if someone got hurt that was just too bad: pit fighting. Victor would have been a great pit fighter without the dominions granted to him by his demon. With them he was phenomenal. Yes he lost his share of fights, dominions have a way of leveling the playing field a bit more than the high school gym where they are blocked. Still he made a handsome living at the sport, and still does. Still Victor is one to always test himself, to push his limits. And when the pool of human and demon opponents began to recycle, Victor set his sights on something more dangerous.

Now he has designs on monster hunting, ready to go toe to toe with the biggest and nastiest creatures The City has spawned.

Demon Information

Behemoth. The name itself rings of strength and power. The demon first rose from the aether when mankind was still young. It was all that man feared, a great giant beast that lived only to kill and eat. And it fed on that fear. For eons the Behemoth stalked the forests, killing and devouring stopping only to sleep. None dared challenge Behemoth's domain. Except when man finally came with bulldozers and weapons. Behemoth fought them off, but it's victory was short lived. Mankind was a stubborn lot and the more they tried, the more they drove Behemoth back further and further not only into the forest but the recesses of their minds and to the realm of legend. Mankind was no longer afraid, and when they finally trapped him Behemoth was no bigger than a leopard, a far cry from the great hulking beast he had been.

When Behemoth returned from the demon realm, it was no bigger than a house cat, and thrust into the body of a wailing child. At first Behemoth was filled with rage at being trapped inside of that which should be fearing him, that which should be food. For years Behemoth simply sat in the corner of the boy's room or under his bed, rending the flesh of any who dared come close. But as Behemoth watched the boy, it realized the strength this boy had both physically and mentally. The boy was ready to take on anyone to prove what belonged to him, an attitude Behemoth applauded. The more his host fought and claimed, the less Behemoth came to despise their lot.

Since their joining Behemoth has grown to the size of a large horse, and the more Victor fights and dominates and kills for him, the larger Behemoth will become until finally raised back to his former glory.

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