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Yukiko Tsuji

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Photographer/Professional Stalker

Character Summary

A twisted sicko in the body of a innocent, unassuming, sickly looking girl. Yukiko's horrific past and maltreatment at the hands of peers and parents has warped her perception of socialization and love at such a basal level that she is irreparably broken. Since the 5th grade she has been a stalker, tormentor, and obsessor whose infatuation and inability to resist her urges has driven her to truly despicable acts of indulgence at the expense of others. She has the blood of two people on her hands, and more are sure to come as she finds herself once again engrossed with the denizens of the city.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1
Mastery: Major
Pathfinding: Ability to find places, people, or objects over a certain distance, regardless of whether these things or people are obscured or hidden.
Power Based: You can find things at further distances and follow longer paths, but get tripped up if there is too much intricacy or magic barriers guarding the way.

Dominion 2
Mastery: Minor Proficient
Phasing: The ability to move through solid or semi-solid objects as if they weren’t there.
Power Based: Movement through thicker and more difficult objects.

Dominion 3
Mastery: Proficient
Shadow: The creation/manipulation of shadows, the ability to fade into the shadows or use shadows to hide things.
Power Based: The larger amount of shadows you can create at once.

Dominion 4
Mastery: Proficient
Duplication: The ability to create physical duplicates of oneself. Duplicates are limited with what they can interact with in the physical world, as well as how long they can stay before disappearing. Greater mastery level users can create stronger and longer-lasting duplicates.
Control Based: More control over duplicates, but the less of them you can create.

Dominion 5
Mastery: Lesser
Duplicity: The ability to detect others’ lies and keep your own lies from detection.
Power Based: The more your lies will be believed.

Dominion 6
Mastery: Major
Invisibility: The ability to become or make objects invisible.
Power Based: The greater amount of time you can make yourself invisible.

Character In-Depth

WARNING. THIS CHARACTER SHEET IS NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART. THIS INCLUDES TRIGGERING TOPICS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Voyeurism, sexual assault, sexual blackmail, regular blackmail, stalking, self harm, murder of young adults, violence against children, child abuse, implied rape, bullying, suicidal ideation. While this character will not be exclusively involved in plots involving these topics, reading the backstory may not be worth doing if you plan to plot with this character and are triggered by these sensitive topics.

Japan, Nagasaki Prefecture, Sasebo, 2004. A little girl possessed by uncharacteristic rage murders a classmate in cold blood. A crime that shook the nation, raising questions of the legal age of culpability, the state of the modern developing child, and the influence the breach of the interstitial veil between human and demon has corrupted human hearts since the original incident. Though this would be the first and most well known case of psychotic behaviour among youth in the area, it would not be the last.

Japan, Nagasaki Prefecture, Matsuura, 1996. A sickly little girl named Yukiko was born just 35 minutes from Sasebo, to Kaede and Takashi Tsuji, who just so happened to share a family name with the girl who would go on to be known as the Sasebo slasher. It was not a particularly happy home environment. Takashi was an old school man. He had lived his whole life in Matsuura, the isolated fishing village between the mountains and the Genkai sea. He didn't know much of the outside world, nor the modern progressive developments seen in large cities around the country. He was a sonofabitch, a cruel man who saw his family as property at best and a waste of resources at worst. Kaede was his mild mannered wife who was pushed into marriage by her parents. She was softspoken and gentle, and that made her the prime target for her husband's abuse. From a young age, Yuki learned that love was a relationship of struggle. That you had to fight for what you wanted, that pain and anger and violence and obsession were all parts of what made a marriage stay together. That no matter how many times mommy packed her and her toys up in the car and drove all night so they could stay with auntie Suzu or grandma and grandpa that papa would always follow them, always be there, and always drag them back home, often kicking and screaming.

The nice times were the times when papa left on a long fishing trip for work. Those times, life for young Yukiko was almost normal. Her mother and her would spend carefree quality time together, and she would be aloud to play and run around and have fun without her father screaming at her and slashing at her with the belt for being a "bratty little shit" as he often called her. Sadly, he would come back, and things would return to their normal strained, oppressive atmosphere. That's why she loved going to school so much. Everyone was nicer at school, because they didn't yell at her. In fact, they didn't even talk to her, or look her direction. While that did make her quite sad, and very envious of the other kids who got to play with one another, but atleast it was painless.

Of course, that couldn't last very long, and as the years went on she became the target of bullying, as many estranged, odd kids do. She was sickly and odd, carried bizarre mannerisms, and often struggled at really connecting with or socializing with other kids her age properly. Those skills had all but gone untaught at home. Her awkwardness made her the prime target for harassment and exclusion during her early school years. She gained the nickname "spooky Tsuji", a name that persisted with her for most of her young life.

As she moved on to 5th grade, two very important changes occurred in Yukiko's life. First of all, her father's abuse worsened. She caught him on top of mommy many times while she was crying and screaming for help. Every time she was told to go to her room, close the door, and cover her ears with her pillows. Those nights were hard to sleep, but it only reinforced the toxic ideas she had developed about romantic relationships even further.

These toxic ideas would play into the next major change in Yuki's life. For the first time, someone had tried to be her friend. That poor girl, that poor, unknowing, sweet girl who had gotten herself involved with the twisted sick soul of a girl misused and abused her whole life, her perceptions so horribly warped she could no longer hope to socialize with anyone properly. This girl, Akane, offered herself up as the first victim of Yuki's obsessive personality.

Akane was the girl everyone liked. She was nice, she was cute, she was smart, and she was outgoing. She was everyone's friend. Unfortunately for her, that meant that she eventually came across Yukiko, downtrodden and alone, and offered for her to come sit with her at lunch. Things started out as normal, but quickly went downhill from there. Yukiko was in love with this girl. Madly, madly in love. She was the first good thing to come into her life in so many years. She wanted to be with her, always, do everything with Akane, be her best friend. But of course, everyone needs space, and Akane was very popular. She had other friends to talk to, and other responsibilities to uphold. She couldn't spend every moment with Yukiko. That was unacceptable to the possessive young girl.

Possession turned quickly into obsession. Yuki would stalk Akane incessantly. It started out harmless enough, watching her from a distance, sneaking around to try and catch glimpses of her, skipping classes to watch her out in the track field for gym classes, lingering after school to watch her through clubroom windows or during her athletic club meetings. While creepy, it definitely wasn't harmful. It wasn't until Yukiko began following Akane home, stealing her clothing and personal items from her school bag, and taking photos of her with her mother's old polaroid camera that things really began to escalate to a point where Akane realized what was going on. Yukiko would even go so far as to peek under bathroom stalls to watch the rose of her eye relieve herself, reveling in seeing something so private.

This ended in a frightening confrontation where Yukiko cornered Akane in the bathroom and attempted to strip her of her clothing all whilst ranting about how disgusting she was and how dedicated she had been to following Akane's every movement. Fortunately, the kind girl was able to escape, and she promptly told her parents and the school became involved in the incident. Yukiko was referred to a psychologist and put into a special considerations class for the rest of primary school.

Her parents were disgusted to see her daughter caught committing such horrible, odd acts at such a young age. She was the one good thing her mother had left in her life, and it had been soiled and sullied by the twisted upbringing she had been given. With her father's abuse worsening and Yukiko's own mental state diminishing, her mother was driven to the edge, and forced over it. It was Yukiko who found her mother's body swinging in the living room one quiet evening after school. She sat watching her sway for what felt like ours, silently sitting with her knees pulled tightly to her chest. Was this what happened when love went wrong?

It wasn't long after that Yukiko's custody was transferred to her aunt. Her father wanted nothing to do with the kid, he never had, and he wasn't exactly a suitable parent in the first place. Yukiko's doctor, her teachers, and the rest of the family believe giving the girl a change of scenery and a fresh start for highschool would be in her best interest. The summer after her mother's suicide she moved to Sasebo to live with her aunt. To say it was a positive change would be an understatement. Genuine care, good food, adequate clothing, no beatings or being screamed at. Yukiko had really been giving a new lease on life, but it seemed the lasting damage was done. However, to see her aunt and uncle living a functional, happy relationship, did give her new inclinations on how to make her next friendship a blooming success.

So she entered highschool, a place where no one knew her, the past she held, the things she had gone through, or what she had done. She had every opportunity to make herself a normal life, but she simply could not reintegrate into normal pro-social behaviour. The target of her affections this time was a boy named Junichi, he was a fairly average guy, interested in academics and reading more than athletics and extroversion. That made him see something similar to himself in her. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. Again, it started fairly harmless. She would leave notes in his locker. But notes turned into graphic descriptions of what she wanted to do to him, and what she wanted him to do to her. That went on to locks of hair and pairs of her underwear and nude photographs of her.

It didn't take long for rumor to spread after that, and soon Junichi and everyone who knew him was giving her the cold shoulders. But that didn't stop her. If she couldn't attract him yet, then she would make sure no one else could either. This is when the stalking started once again. The stalking, and the blackmail. She would use rumors, threats of physical violence, and snuck photos of girls around Junichi to keep them from ever having a chance to make friends with him, much less pursue romantic interests. Suddenly, Junichi became as ostracized as she was. Through no fault of his own, he was saddled with the burden of being the object of affection for the school psychopath. Her treatment of his social life, the constant harassment from her, and the stalking were simply too much for a young boy also struggling for academic excellence to handle.

He was discovered out front of the school on a saturday morning right before the weekend. He had flung himself from the rooftop to end it all. Everyone knew why, but no one could pin the cause on her. But now, they were afraid of her. All of them were absolutely terrified of catching Yukiko's eye. She stole Junichi's shoes from the ledge of the rooftop before the administrative staff locked it off for good.

For the next two years no one even looked her direction. They wouldn't show her a sliver of kindess, everyone was petrified of becoming the next Junichi. She had fleeting interests, but they never escalated to the levels of mistreatment Junichi and Akane had suffered at her hands. That was of course until she met the beautiful transfer student. Her name was Ann, she had transferred to the school during Yukiko's final year. Had the poor girl been warned, had she transferred just one year later, or been just a few miles out of the school district, she might've lived. She had walked into the perfect storm. Yuki had never seen anyone so gorgeous, with her brilliant blue eyes and shiny golden locks. She was like a goddess, and the love crazed fiend would not miss her opportunity to relish in the other girl's magnificence.

Ann's first Japanese quiz was a staggering failure. One she wasn't used to, being a decent student back home. Spotting her opportunity, Yukiko made a move. She offered to give Ann private tutoring lessons at her house. Though reluctant to accept help, Ann had few friends to call on in her few weeks of school, and the news about Yuki's behaviour hadn't reached the innocent transfer student yet. She agreed, and sealed her fate. It was a stormy april evening. Yukiko arrived to Ann's flat drenched from the pouring rain, her soaked schoolbag contained her notebooks, her textbooks, her camera, and a kitchen knife sharpened to a shimmering keen edge. She was not playing this time. This time, she would get what she wanted.

Ann lived alone. She had come to japan as part of an experiential learning initiative. She was expected to maintain herself in the country. Her parents supported her financially from back home, but she was on her own otherwise. She offered for Yukiko to take a bath to warm up from the freezing rain. She accepted the offer, soaking in the warm water as she took in the scent and presence of Ann's bathing place. She wanting to pull the girl in with her, to feel her naked body pressed tightly against her own. But she knew that was too bold a move. When her shower was finished, she was treated to the delightful experience of wearing her idol's clothes. She took long, deep breaths of the fabric before putting them on. She then exited to join Ann at the dining table where she had set them up to study.

Things got off to a normal start, more or less. However, as Yukiko became more and more distracted, her mild mannered facade cracked. She was breathing heavily, her face flush sitting so close to Ann. Her eyes flicking away from the page every few seconds to steal glimpses of slender, pale face, pupils bulging wide. Her words faltered and stuttered as she struggled to speak through the cotton mouth. It was plainly obvious that something wasn't right. When Ann asked what was wrong, she could contain herself no longer, and the crazy began dribbling out. She told Ann how beautiful she was, how amazing and gorgeous, how completely head over heels in love she was with Ann. Though slightly shocked and put off, she accepted the compliments but politely rejected Yuki's advances. It wasn't a moment after that that things turned violent. She gripped Ann's wrist tightly, her lips pressed firmly against the other girl's her tongue forcing it's way inside's Ann's mouth as it licked up her spit and she cherished the taste. When she pulled away, Yuki went on about how silky soft her skin was, and how she wanted nothing more than to wear it and caress every inch with her tongue. Ann at this point was frightened, and jerked away, but it was too late. Yuki's other hand reached for the knife in her bag and drove it forcefully into Ann's breast as the two collapsed to the ground. What followed was a disgusting scene as Yuki forced her fingers all over Ann's body, all over her own body, while she screamed and sputtered blood. Yuki did nothing but lavish in the thrill and get her sexual fill of Ann until the light faded from the girl's eyes and she took her final breaths. Yuki took a memorial photo the incident, with her lips pressed tightly to the lifeless face of the girl she had turned into her latest victim. She then dragged Ann back into the bathroom and bathed with her in a swill of blood and filth, until the water went cold as she was clean of the mess she had made. Yuki packed up her things like nothing had happened and returned to her aunt's home to head to bed, her body warm with the fulfillment of finally getting what she wanted.

Days passed before anything came out of it. Yuki was refreshed and glowing, like a totally different person. She was only haunted by chills when the teachers began to inquire why she wasn't showing up to school anymore. A full week passed until the police discovered what had happened. The news of the incident was something Yuki caught on T.V. with her aunt and uncle one afternoon coming home from school. However, the police hadn't yet identified a suspect. Knowing she was soon to be discovered, Yuki packed her bags that night, and caught a midnight bus to the furthest place she could get. She fell asleep, and awoke to the bus pulling up to a stop in a cityscape completely foreign to her.

The City, Floor 113, Ghost Town, 2018. Another demon stalks the streets, the form of a small unassuming girl with hair like shadows and sickly pale skin. Rumor has it she is wanted back in her home country for murder, and that Legion officers are seeking her out. This place is the perfect hunting ground for a creature such as Yukiko, and it won't be long until she sets her sights on her next obsession. Yukiko has picked up a job as a small time photographer in the city. She makes next to no money out of it and struggles to keep herself afloat. The only thinking saving the city from her wrath is the necessity to earn a living.

Demon Information

Slackjaw: Kuchisake-onna

A legendary yokai creature, known to be a spirit of vengeance and envy. Legends say Kuchisake-onna were once normal women who were mutilated in all manner of ways: chasing children and hit by a car, abused by their husbands, or in the oldest legends, had their mouths cut by samurai whom they cheated on. They are said to wander the lands obscuring their faces with fans, cloth masks, and bandannas asking strangers if they are pretty and swallowing people whole. Slackjaw, as Yukiko has named her, has never said much of her origin. In fact, it is rare for the demon to interact directly with her host at all. From what little discussion they've had, it seems they share in common an obsessive penchant for being loved and accepted, and it seems Slackjaw feeds off the energy surrounding passionate infatuation and the fear that comes with Yukiko's mere presence.

Rather than taking her natural physical form, Slackjaw usually manifests as a traditional styled tanto knife, the signature blade that Yukiko uses to hunt her victims and protect herself. The blade tends to glow with a wispy reddish aura that surges upon contact with blood. Slackjaw seems to have some minor influence when in this form, helping to guide Yukiko's hand as she slices and stabs, making her more proficient at combat than one would expect of someone never formally trained. The blade also typically utters a haunting haughty laugh when cutting up a target.

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