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Faolan Darcy

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Eric Rutherford
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Professional Cuddler

Character Summary

Name: Faolan Darcy
Age: 12578
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 6'3"
Habits: Chews on things when he's thinking or reading, has to touch anything and everything.
Quirks: Compulsive cuddler. He likes snuggling up to people, usually in rabbit form because it's easier to get away with it.
Important Info:

Ascensions and Legacies

Major - Control
Superior Speed

Greater - Power

Greater - Control

Greater - Power
Superior Senses

Lesser - Power
Superior Endurance

Minor - Power

Character In-Depth

You were a young demon when you met Darcy. She was warm and kind, and there was a warmth in her soul that many adults lacked. She was not very old herself, and even then you knew she would not get much older. She was too ill, too fragile. But the time you had with her would never leave you, even if she only ever knew you as a rabbit, a companion to ease her loneliness. She gave you your name, Faolan, and she set the stage to allow you to see humans as more than a food source. Other demons thought you strange, but that was fine. You brought comfort to a dying child, and that was more fulfilling to you than devouring flesh.

Years passed, and you met many humans who provided you with companionship and food. Sometimes it was the form of a beloved pet, sometimes it was that of a lover. You found a form you rather enjoyed, and it was easy enough to find a willing bed partner. Sometimes, of course, there were those who were more hesitant. As witch hunts and 'laws' passed, deeming homosexuality a sin and sex outside of the marriage bed terrible, it got a little more difficult. But there were always those who reveled in the forbidden.

While not your favorite form, there have been instances where it have behooved you to have a bigger, more menacing form. You learned this one over time, and the day came where you were glad of it. It saved the life of your human companion, Ross. He was a sickly young man, and day came where your wolf form saved him from men who would have killed him. You did not deem yourself a hero, and you did not let him mistake you for one. You were merely protecting someone who belonged to you--and that was an important distinction, because you may have been fond of humans, but you did not actively seek to save them.

Your travels have lead you to the city, where you are content to stay. It is easy to get lost in the crowd, and even when you let go of your human form, you end up overlooked and content. Of course, the day you actually let your guard down and ended up hurt was both ridiculous and embarrassing. It was worth it, however, when you ended up being taken in by an interesting human with an apparent weakness for cute animals, if you judged by his demon.

Demon Information

When he isn't taking the form of a dashing silver haired gentleman, Faolan tends to take the form of a flop eared rabbit. Is it surprising? Yes. Does he care what you think? No. He took the form when a human child discovered him, and little Darcy gave him both his name and a thought that humans are not all bad. It is only after they grow up that some of them end up intolerable. Very rarely, he will take on the form of a sleek grey wolf, larger than a normal one. He feeds on arousal and the feeling of comfort.

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