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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Rachata Worawechwattana
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Pit Fighter

Character Summary

Ryu is a demon wolf. He possess a human form and has trained for a long time to fight the forces of darkness and light. He walks the path in the middle. Taking lovers as he sees fit and often, in his canine form he feasts on the flesh of man and beast alike. His thirst for blood is great and his rage is mighty when roused. Though he is not a cruel being he can be capacious if the mood takes him.

He can also be kind and protective. To those he finds worthy of his attentions. His moods are fickle and hard to predict as he travels through the city. He fights for money and pleasure and it is always hard to predict what he will choose to do when he runs across someone new.

140 pounds
close cropped brown hair
Muscular torso and slender waist
Summoning - The ability to summon currently-existing people, animals, or things with the use of a symbol or ritual.
Power Based: The ability to summon more people or animals at a given time. An article belonging to the person must be a part of the ritual to summon them.
Level 4 - Major

Psychic - A psychic is a wide-encompassing dominion that can foster great power over time. Psychics dabble in fortune telling and manipulation. Psychics can also put strong mental blocks in people’s minds, making them forget certain memories or even keep secrets locked in destructive magic, so that should they die, someone could not extract that information from their head (they, of course, can also reverse these effects and even break locks put on by weaker psychics or magic). Psychics have a deep resonation with the Astral Plane as well, and if they focus hard enough, they can detect all other spirits in their vicinity, even if they are not in physical form. Psychics are known for being able to talk to the dead as well, but that is neither here nor there as far as a confirmation in reality goes. To top it all off, psychics are able to place horrible curses of luck, or blessings of fortune on willing targets (meaning, someone who agrees to subject themselves to a fortune telling).
Control Based: You focus on mind barriers, from putting locks on super hush hush secrets, to unlocking someone’s full potential or lifting a curse. A very controlled psychic can erase pages of pages of memory from someone’s mental book, and can even explore the deepest mechanisms of the human brain. Control based psychics are typically good at reading a person’s behaviors and ticks, although not to be confused with an Empath, they are very detective-like at higher levels of mastery. Control based psychics are usually the ones that can easily sense spirits and even talk with them at higher levels of mastery.
Level 3 - Proficient

Gravity - Ability to manipulate gravity, making things light enough to float or heavy enough to flatten.
Control Based: It's easier to make things lighter.
Power Based: It's easier to make things heavier.
Level 6 - Legendary

Animation -The ability to allow objects that have never and will never live to act as though they are living. Items will never gain sentience or will of their own, but may follow orders, sometimes even after the animator is dead.
Control Based: The larger amount of unanimated objects you can animate and control at once.
Level 3 - Proficient

Magnetism - The ability to become a magnet or manipulate one’s and others levels of magnetism. This includes, but is not limited to: people, animals, objects, and buildings.
Control Based: The easier it is to magentise a target. For example, a lesser level mastery user may have to make contact with the object for a second with their hand(s) to magnetize it, whereas a legendary mastery user may only have to glance in their target’s direction. Control Based magnetism also allows more specific effects (i.e. magnetizing just a person’s head or arm), allowing for more pinpointed targets for metal objects.
Level 1 - Minor

Invisibility - The ability to become or make objects invisible.
Power Based: The greater amount of time you can make yourself invisible
Control Based: The greater amount of people you can make invisible at once.
Level 6 - Legendary

Regeneration - The ability to regenerate lost limbs, organs, and cartilage on oneself.
Power Based: The greater loss you can regenerate (i.e. dependent on mastery levels, power based regeneration would allow you to regenerate bigger wounds like a severed arm, or stomped stomach).
Level 1 - Major

Character In-Depth

Ryu was created long ago in the country known as Japan. Originally a wolf that was worshiped by the villagers. They made offerings of grain and meats before his den so that he would protect their fields from boars and deer. His claws and teeth prone to slaughtering the beasts that would feast on the human food. But the wolf began to grow larger and larger and soon his den would not hold him.

Eventually the villagers feared him so much that they launched a great hunt to kill him. Their spears were keen and soaked in holy oils. They drove them into his flesh and ended his mortal existence. But their long years of worship had wrought a change upon the demon's soul and instead of dying he rose again and became a great beast.

He took a human form, that of a young Asian male and his determination was that no one would ever defeat him again. He went from temple to temple to learn the ways of battle and the sword. He became a samurai, all the while hiding his secrets as he grew older and older.

For he was still a great wolf inside and he would not be contained by anyone who wished to make him a prisoner.

Demon Information

Ryu's demon is a mighty black wolf. As big as a house the creature thirsts always for blood and carnage. It's heart burns with a powerful rage. But it was once a protective spirit. Its flaming eyes stare hungrily at the world as it swings between the desire to protect those before it and the desire to rend them to death. It is a powerful creature and fierce.

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