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Lady Joker

You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret all the best people are.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Floor Jansen
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She, Her
Illusionist / Leader of the Cour Jester's Troupe

Character Summary

-Lady Hatter's demon was born about 1500 years ago.

- She was born in a time when her family had just sailed to America, and became part of the colonies.
- When Lady's human host died at 37, Hatter knew it was her fault and wanted to keep her memory by keeping her form.
-She was in France when she found Hare, and saved her from her own death
-Now they live in the city, where they do shows, and cause mayhem.

Ascensions and Legacies
Level 2 - Minor
Power Based: The easier it is to make these illusions, as well as the more powerful/realistic these hallucinations will be. Legends have been able to vex victims so harshly that they end up taking their own life.

Astral projection
Level 1 - Lesser
Control Based: The longer you can stay away from your body without repercussion in one projection, and the less cooldown you have until the next use (astral projecting is powerful, but taxing on the human body and demon soul).

Level 1 - Lesser
Power Based: You focus on fortune telling and manipulation. A lesser mastery psychic cannot alter others’ luck at all, but can alter their own slightly (small things, i.e. someone gives them the wrong amount of change back at a register-- bad: too little change-- good: too much change). However, legendary psychics can alter fate in ways unimaginable (big things, i.e. someone doesn’t die when they’re supposed to-- bad: they get hit by a car and pass away years before their life expectancy-- good: they live twenty years longer due to the cancer they were going to have never coming). **These alterations can stretch the imagination, but must remain in the realm of possibility. Think of this alteration as a multiplier. Even if you multiply the chances of something with a 0% chance of happening by 10000, there will still be a 0% chance of it happening (ex. 0 x 10000 = 0). It is also important to remember that fortune telling is not the same as scrying, but moreso a foggy reading on situations with the highest probability. Lesser mastery of fortune telling is basically guessing, but as a psychic masters more of their craft, fortune telling can be clear in predicting an actual path for a person and better understanding their emotions.

Level 4 - Major
Control Based: It's easier to make things lighter.

Level 2 - Minor
Power Based: The ability to summon more people or animals at a given time. An article belonging to the person must be a part of the ritual to summon them.

Level 1 - Lesser
Power Based: Movement through thicker and more difficult objects.

Character In-Depth

Everything has a purpose even if the meaning of it doesn’t exist quite yet. Sometimes we find that meaning sitting in front of us waiting, for us to revel in the mere existence of it. Sometimes, we find a frightened young hare sitting in our path and she comes and makes us whole once more. My name is Lady Hatter, my name died on the day that they executed me, and I have never even told my name to my dear Marina. But once you have found this you will learn my real name, and then I will take you away to a life of enchantment and wonder. But I will not allow my secret to get out, no sir I will not. So you will either fall in line, or you will burn, like your predecessors who thought to expose my secret.

My human or at least the form I’ve decided to take shape of, is known as Amara Keo and she was born in 1656. She and I did share a special bond, as we both liked to be showmen, and she knew how to keep me fed. While I fed on the belief of the tricks we did perform, the illusions were just hallucinations that we had cooked up. Most of the people believed they were going mad, but as we grew, we knew that the children would believe us more, and they would provide the food that I needed to survive. Amara knew that we would get in trouble at some point, she urged me against doing what I was doing but I did not listen to her. Amara focused on her church goings and helping with her family, when she wasn’t in complete control then I would go into town and do my tricks and wonders for the people there who seemed more afraid of me then anything.

I was doing fine for 30 years, then that’s when some snot nosed little punk decided that they had started seeing witches and demons. That’s when they found me because they knew I was riding Amara, that they took her into the town square. That’s when they read her, the charges that she was being charged with and the crimes she had committed, even if she had not committed them I was afraid of what they were doing. They told her on that day that she was to be executed for witchcraft. We died by the flame that day, well she did. After she had been taken away and buried I took her form and moved out of the area. I found a gypsy tribe that was willing to take me in, after I had explained what the town had done to me.

I travelled with this family for years, still feeding off the innocence and belief of those who saw my shows still question, but everytime I saw fire I shivered. I wouldn’t go near it for the longest time, because of what had happened. But the people I lived with understood my pain. Then as we were passing through another town I found the one that has become my soul mate since the point in time, and the one I love. If they were to take her away from me, I myself would just fade away.

As we past, I saw my sweet innocent hare being executed for the same crime I had committed two hundred years ago and was about to be set a blaze when I intervened and did a bit of a magic trick making them believe that Hare had vanished when really, she was still standing in front of them. Then we fled leaving the family alone, and starting our own band of misfits and rejects that the world was not loving, and we became a travelling act. We became the Court Jester's Troupe.

Now a days though, we do a lot of magic shows and what not for people who still want to believe. We both feed off of this, and our gang sort of does too. In the end we are all mad, and the truth has set us free.

Demon Information

This demon was born out of childish malice. It has lived for over 1500 years and when her host died, she took her form on. Her lover is the hare, whom she saved from her own death. They feed on the belief that their show produces. Their also known for their forgeries that seem to replace other items that people wish to have so the actual owner does not notice the item missing.

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