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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Jang Geun (Keun) Suk
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Hyeok was born deaf, that would be one of the first things to note about him. The second is the constant need to be doing something with his hands. He has a hard time sitting still and is always fiddling with something. His mind is also constantly working and he is often coming up with new ideas. Not all of these ideas work out but he has notebooks upon notebooks of them.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1
Mastery: Proficient
Telepathy: The ability to communicate using the mind and to read the minds of others.
Power Based: The better you are at communicating messages.

Dominion 2
Mastery: Proficient
Paper: The creation and manipulation of all things paper.
Control Based: The more intricately you can wield control over paper.

Dominion 3
Mastery: Minor
Alchemy: The ability to transmute one thing into something else, or give it properties it might not otherwise have had. Wide base of applications, but it takes time to set up alchemy. You cannot do it instantaneously, because you need the parts of what you’re trying to create. No one can create life through alchemy. They can, however, create alchemic machines. The power and control over alchemy comes with the betrayal of the laws of equivalent exchange. This power can be frightening, as it can even use humans as alchemy materials for greater projects (not to create life, however, as stated before).
Control Based: The quicker and more often you can alchemize without fatigue. At legendary levels of mastery, you could alchemize a sniper rifle, all the ammo you need, a wall of defense, and a cigarette in a few minutes (if you have all the materials of course).

Dominion 4
Mastery: Major
Animation: The ability to allow objects that have never and will never live to act as though they are living. Items will never gain sentience or will of their own, but may follow orders, sometimes even after the animator is dead.
Control Based: The larger amount of unanimated objects you can animate and control at once.

Dominion 5
Mastery: Minor
Shadow: The creation/manipulation of shadows, the ability to fade into the shadows or use shadows to hide things.
Control Based: The more shadows you can manipulate at once.

Dominion 6
Mastery: Proficient
Dreams: The ability to create, induce or control dreams or daydreams.
> Control Based: The easier it is to create specific dream scenarios (i.e. making someone have a wet dream about another) in someone’s head (these dreams will not feel very realistic to the target at lower levels of mastery). A control basis also makes it easier to manipulate an already existing dream.

Character In-Depth

Life started out quite rough for Hyeok in the beginning. It was hard being unable to communicate in the human realm. It was no wonder that he had been abandoned by his family and left for dead. The kit had gotten lucky to be taken in by a dragon though. He had been brought to live at a temple where he ended up being honored as a familiar. The dragon had proven to be a patient and kind mentor. His mentor had been the one who had introduced him to The City, a place Hyeok hadn't even realized existed before. Day trips were taken there and Hyeok was slowly introduced to how things worked there. He had even been taught to communicate with the hearing, as well as how to take on a human form in order to further integrate himself into the world in which he had been born. But then all of that had come to a grating halt when his mentor was killed. He had been told to flee to The City with his mentor's dying breath.

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