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Winona Montgomery

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Sonequa Martin-Green
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
121, 306

Character Summary

"Because of the thorns
A beautiful rose can bloom
Dark red flowers, it means I love you
Even if I bleed everywhere, I wanna know you
Cause I think about you errday
I’m already addicted to you."

One wouldn't like to be forgotten. It's in the back of everyone's minds, regardless of powers and such.

I was once one of those, lost and forgotten. Yet, I've never forgotten where I came from or who raised me. Its the one thing that I protect, those precious memories. Well, other than the ones that I care about but I had to leave them. But it was a bittersweet parting, for all.

I had to find myself, this path that I found myself in as I walked through the trees. Why am I here? Where does my path go? I must find out, seek out what is calling me so deeply. I must forge this path and be something to someone.

I know that they are out there somewhere and I will fight to protect that. I have the courage to seek them out on this path and the strength to defend what I care about. Just you watch me, this path that the Goddess has put me on will not go to waste! I firmly believe that everyone I see will be of use to me.

Not just the smiles and the laughter but all the trials I will go through. The Earth protects me, the Bear protects me and I will use that strength to do for others like they have done for.


The Hierophant. Tier 1

Ascension to “THE BOOKWORM”

The bookworm is attracted to gaining and disseminating knowledge that they take as scripture. Hungry to learn, and hungry to impart what they’re learning, followers of this path thrive in conventional knowledge but may stutter when faced with a creative challenge. The bookworm is a path for teachers and mentors.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now read and learn more quickly and understand more of what is read. The dominions paper, technopathy, telepathy, and empathy are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery


Lesser :: Control

Superior Speed

Lesser:: Power


Lesser :: Control


Minor :: Control


Minor :: Control


Legendary :: Control

Character In-Depth

Winona was born to a Sioux woman named Nahimana and a Black man named Aiden Montgomery. They originally met while he was stationed in South Dakota, serving time in the Air Force. The skies had always interested the both of them, pulling her mother from the land and around the world.

Winona loved everything and fiercely proud of her heritage, despite the fact that many viewed her as someone from two different worlds. Her mother taught her all about the ways of the Earth and when Raphael finally manifested himself in his true bear form, she was not afraid. He'd been a teddy bear that she always carried with her until her 6th birthday, growing in size with her. He was her protector, as he had been for many generations in her extensive family.

Her ancestors had originally called upon him to protect them from the White Man, when they came through and destroying all that they sought to protect. Now, he protected the line that ended with Winona in the current day. And he did his job well, by all accounts.

However, the same couldn't be said of her parents when they were all in a car accident when she was 10. Only Raphael was able to save Winona when the car plunged over the cliff and into the water. From then on, she lived with her grandparents in South Dakota. They were the only ones willing to take her in, out of respect to Raphael.

That didn't stop Winona from growing, learning and loving. The Earth bore her and she was immensely curious about it all. So she absorbed all she could know about the sciences, in particular, Botany. She loved all the flowers and trees, not to knock on the other elements as well. She always paid her respects to them as well. She even incorporated such teachings into her own when she became a high school teacher and later a Professor.

But there was always something calling to her, a voice. How could she ignore it? It rooted in her dreams and followed her as she grew into a young woman, finding her way to the City. Now, she stood before all and awaited judgment for this call.

Demon Information

Loyal :: Courageous :: Wise
Rumble, Rumble. .
Raphael has gone by many names but this one was the truest thing to him for right then. He always rumbled about, usually in his bear form for many years as the people passed through his woods. He saw and helped the various tribes of Native Americans for and served as their protector of sorts.

He never concerned himself with speaking, therefore doesn't in either form. Always with small touches, nudges and such. When in a wide area, he switches to his bear form which is 40ft long and 45 ft tall. His enormous teeth and claws can rip into metal even if he chose. Most of the time he is in his bear form, he takes on the size of a large Kodiak Bear. Otherwise, he is in his human form which reaches 6'3" and quite bumbling with his beefiness.

As docile as Raphael is, do not anger him. He is too old and too willing to rip someone to pieces.

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