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Cassandra Alexander

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Vicki Li
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

120 pounds
Brown hair.
Brown eyes
Soft voice

Pocket Space - The ability to create a pocket of space between the physical and demon realm to hold and remove objects so that only the user can retrieve them. It could be used for carrying really heavy equipment, hiding valuable and/or stolen and/or highly explosive goods, concealing weapons, smuggling candy into movie theaters, removing a hostile explosive, etc.
Control Based: Can hold volatile objects, but cannot hoard a great amount of them. - Level Major

Magnetism - The ability to become a magnet or manipulate one’s and others levels of magnetism. This includes, but is not limited to: people, animals, objects, and buildings. Control Based: The easier it is to magnetize a target. For example, a lesser level mastery user may have to make contact with the object for a second with their hand(s) to magnetize it, whereas a legendary mastery user may only have to glance in their target’s direction.
Control Based magnetism also allows more specific effects (i.e. magnetizing just a person’s head or arm), allowing for more pinpointed targets for metal objects. - Level Minor

Scrying - The ability to see past, present, and possible futures in reflective surfaces or in smoke or steam.
Control Based: The more detailed the visions become - Level Greater

Paper - The creation and manipulation of all things paper.
Control Based: The more intricately you can wield control over paper. - Level Proficient

Gravity - Ability to manipulate gravity, making things light enough to float or heavy enough to flatten.
Power Based: It's easier to make things heavier. - Level Proficient

Ice - The creation and manipulation of ice.
Control Based: The more ice you can withstand and manipulate. - Level Major

Character In-Depth

Cassandra Alexander has been about her profession for a long time. She was born to a low class family and her parents sold her into service. However instead of letting the life of a pleasure slave grind her down she flourished under the attention of the men and women who came to her. She often sought out the company of others even when she was off the clock.

She has served in the Brothel's of some of histories greatest cities. She was a Courtesan in Venice. A Geisha in Japan and served as a body servant in China. She finds no shame in what she does and often seeks to find the company of the willing to while away her boredom.

She came to the Tower when if first appeared and was quickly scooped up by the Gula family. She has served them willingly since the 18th Century and doesn't seek to separate herself from the job she works.

Demon Information

Her demon is a fox with a coat of flames. A small animal that moves rapidly across the ground and sometimes seems to be able to run on the very air. Though she doesn't often fly as she prefers to keep on the ground. Her eyes burn with living flames and her skin is cool to the touch, despite its fiery appearance. The demon feeds of pleasure, her own or the pleasures of others. It is always hungry and generally in a good mood. It can feed off pain if the pain is mixed with pleasure, but that isn't it's first choice in food sources.

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