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Xavier Rush

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Character Information

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Face Claim
Solo Demon
Brant Daugherty
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Character Summary

A passionate demon who enjoys overpowering his lovers and proving himself as a masculine figure. Bisexual but free to love where he chooses he enjoys forcing his lovers to submit to him with his sheer physical prowess. He is a strong individual who enjoys the struggles of his prey when he runs into them.

Xavier crafts jewelry in his free time. Working with precious metals and gems and creating works of arts with his roughened hands. He sells his jewelry to those who appreciate beautiful things and uses it to live a comfortable life. He is prone to violence and the occasional darker moment as his desires overwhelm him.

Height 6'5 Weight 230 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, muscular physique.,

Major - Dust control = Generation, manipulation and control of dust or other particulate matter (smoke, sand). Includes everything from creation of dust storms to instantly dusting your house.
Power Based: More destructive dust control.

Minor - Plants - The ability to control the growth and spread of plants. Influencing and encouraging the growth of plant matter as he experiences it around him.
Control Based: The more kinds of plants you can grow, the easier it is to manipulate them.

Proficient - Deposition - The ability to move, conjure and transform gas or vapor into a solid.
Control Based: Control over vapor or gas over much farther distances.

Greater- Telepathy - The ability to communicate using the mind and to read the minds of others.
Control Based: The better you are at reading minds.
Power Based: The better you are at communicating messages.

Proficient - Pheromones = The ability to manipulate attraction, whether platonic, physical or romantic, in other people towards yourself. More persuasive speaking, more successful seduction, and a great deal of ability to control the attention of and fill a room. Pheromones work passively, so you can’t turn this dominion off.
Power Based: Influence a wider group of people.

Minor - Magnetism - The ability to become a magnet or manipulate one’s and others levels of magnetism. This includes, but is not limited to: people, animals, objects, and buildings.
Control Based: The easier it is to magnetize a target. For example, a lesser level mastery user may have to make contact with the object for a second with their hand(s) to magnetize it, whereas a legendary mastery user may only have to glance in their target’s direction. Control Based magnetism also allows more specific effects (i.e. magnetizing just a person’s head or arm), allowing for more pinpointed targets for metal objects.

Major - Sublimation = The ability to transform solid matter to gas or vapor.
Control Based: The ability to transform self into gas or vapor for temporary amounts of time.

Character In-Depth

Xavier Rush is a demon who is relatively young. He gets along by creating jewelry for mortals and for those demons who are interested in it. He is a dragon in his demonic form but he tends to stick to his human form. He is passionate and sexual and tends to love power plays and dominance exhibitions. He is a strong demon though he is relatively young. He focuses on keeping his head under the radar as he seeks to grow as a demon and develop his powers even stronger.

He is fierce when challenged but not too proud to run when he feels that he is overwhelmed. He'll retreat when confronted by someone who clearly overpowers him. He is willing to take advantage of mortals and demons who can't shed their human forms. He is hungry for passion and seeks to find others who share his passion.

Demon Information

His demonic form is a winged four limbed dragon. A long bodied reptile who hunts and spreads his dominion across the sky and ground beneath him. Xavier's dragon feeds of domination and control. The back and forth exchange of power. His demonic side thinks of itself as a alpha creature and resents any hints that he might be weaker than others. This can lead to the dragon seeking to control things that are beyond him and so far the demon hasn't learned to look before it leaps.

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