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Mallorie Kingston

The rebel in me will never die
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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Hattie Watson
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Character Summary

Being very enclosed as a child has made Mallorie into a very curious soul. She loves adventure and getting to know new people. She is snarky and at times bitchy, trying out her newfound freedom, but is still very careful around people she does not know. It will take time for people to get real close to her, especially now when she does not know what or when she is.
At first glance, she looks like a beautiful and timid girl, just trying to find her way in a new world. At second glance, not so much. She loves attention from both sexes and is not blind to trying something new. She is exploring her rebellion and getting quite good at it.

Since she has had so much time alone, she can use her dominions just fine, but rarely do so. The trauma of her past, though she does not remember it all, has clung to her.

Take her to a party, or to your bedroom, and you will not regret it ;)
Dreams - Power Based

Pocket Space - Power Based

Fire - Control Based

Regeneration - Power Based

Superior senses

Light - Control Based

Character In-Depth

Mallorie grew up in a very enclosed home. Her father was a banker and her mother a retired teacher. As such, she took it upon herself to give her little daughter the education she needed. The only friends she was allowed to have were her pets and children of her parents' friends. This resulted in a young girl with way too much energy and nothing to spend it on. She was not allowed to leave the grounds, nor ever ask to do so. She had tried to sneak into the forest behind their house many times but was promptly tugged back into safety when she got close.

Then, there was the demon.. problem. Her father hated everything and anything to do with the creatures of the darkness. Although Mallorie knew she had a demon, it would be several years before she started to engage with it. It would loom over her like a dark shadow, only seen by herself. 10 years.
10 years it took for her to actually turn around and talk to the creature. Her first question was: "Why is my father afraid of you?" She had never seen his demon, nor her mothers. It was not a subject that was ever discussed in the Kingston Residence. She had been told to ignore it. Pretend it did not exist.
The demon showed itself to her for the first time in years. It was not a pretty sight, but it spoke. Told her about the world he had lived for many years and asked her things as well. It explained the difference between primal and civil demons and she began to slowly take in new world views. For 10 years, it had only been her and the house. Little to no outside contact. This was.. new.

As the years went by, she continued to develop a relationship with her demon, and getting away with as much as possible. It soon turned out to be a snarky buggar and she could not help mimic. After all, he was her first, and only, real friend. The few visits she got from teens and kids her age were short and often heavily monitored by their parents, part from the boys she managed to sneak away for a quick... chat. She never got to express herself, part from to her demon. Hiding it from her parents proved no easy task, but she managed.

The years went by with no real change, but one day, it all went array. Just after Mallories 21st birthday, her entire world shattered. Her father burst into her room one night as she was practicing on making light come out of nowhere. Dominions were also a hush-hush topic in the house. Her mother had shown some of her abilities by accident over the years, but never her father. He went up in flames.
Seemingly, from out of nowhere, a giant flame filled up her room. It washed over her in a matter of seconds. With a shriek, her demon sprung into action, picking her up and taking a jump out of the nearest window. He had heard something that she did not. With his superior senses, he had been able to pick up bits and pieces of her parents' conversations. They were going to harm her. And not just spanking, as she had been so used to. They were going to punish her severely. Burn her. Torture her for not following in their ways. He would not let them.

The flames soon engulfed a better part of the yard. Mallorie ran all of her legs could carry her, still with charred pieces of clothing clinging to her burned skin. She ran, and ran. I need to get away. Away from all of this! Until everything suddenly stopped. She was not looking where she was going and managed to run straight into a tree branch, passing out on the spot.

When she woke up, she was not looking up into the treetop. She was looking up at a building, in the middle of a city she had never seen, with no memory of who she was, or where she was.

Demon Information

Name: Guzzakos (Guzz for short)
Age: 1500

Personality: Basically, he's an asshole. Has a habit of rolling his eyes every time Mall says or does something stupid, BEFORE helping her out of the situation, usually also followed by a snarky remark. He is protective of her, but also very aware that she does some really stupid shit often. He will let her do it, let her get to a point where she NEEDS his help, then be snarky and finally then help her. They have a good relationship in the fact that she is as snarky as he is, and they do get along quite well.

He understands her situation and rarely shows himself to other people. When she is in a specific mood, he holds back and just stays his distance while not showing himself to her, but is always there, which she has had a hard time getting used to.

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