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Chase Carter

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Character Information

Character Type
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Human with Primal Demon
Jensen Ackles
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

At first glance, Chase seems a free spirit, sassy, fun loving, at times charming. It hides the darkness inside, the sorrow, the deep black depression and self hatred. His past has left it's mark on him. He's not sure he ever had the chance to become his true self. Not with the demon inside him influencing events in his life from such a tender age. He's not sure he ever will. He lives like every day might be his last and it every well could be...
Disintegration- Level 4

Necrosis - Level 2

Vapor - Level 3

Hallucinations- Level 1

Pestilence - Level 2

Augmentation - Level 1

Character In-Depth

Growing up was hard, born to a perfectly normal middle class family one would think it'd would have been a simple, traditional life for Chase. But no, from the time he was born things turned dark. His mother, already unwell during the pregnancy, withered away painfully and died for reasons Drs could never identify by the time he was three. His father didn't last to much longer, by the time he was seven Chase found himself orphaned and taken in by his grandparents. Only to watch them waste away much like his father had before he reached the tender age of twelve, first his grandmother, then his grandfather within a matter of months. The same strange disease took their lives just like it had his other family members.

No-one related to him would take him in, fearful of whatever curse that had struck his parents and grandparents would strike them to. The deaths to many to be a coincidence in their minds, not when they had all died in the same, painful, slow way, barely skin and bones left before they took their dying breath.

He was thrown into the foster system. Scared and worried just what was inside him or was it following him? He wasn't sure. Not until he first saw his Demon manifest in all it's gruesome, fear inducing glory. The result of a session with the school bullies who, out of fear of the stories that followed Chase, took it out on the young teen in a physical way. Mocking, degrading and placing the blame for all the deaths that followed him wherever he went firmly on Chases shoulders. When he saw them quite literally rot away in front of his eyes, he knew..... this was no typical demon.

Chase fled, surviving using street knowledge and through petty crime until he could get a legal job. He drank away his wages most days, so long as he didn't hang around to long, no-one suffered due to his demons presence. Over time, out of a morbid sense of curiosity, or was it fear or loneliness maybe? He got to know this thing inside him. Learned better control. Let it see the world through his eyes sometimes. It was a curious beast, no other had tried to actually get to know it. The accidents stopped..... mostly. People didn't wither away just being in his presence anymore. Though he still held that phobia of killing anyone who he got to close to for to long. One night stands were his thing, when the loneliness got to much. Things started looking up now he didn't have to fear just killing with a touch. He had no illusions about the control he had over the demon inside. He holds no trust of it.

Recently he's felt a pull, to where he's not sure or the whys of it. But he found a place he just might fit in, for now....

Demon Information

One of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Famine.

Ancient, deadly, waiting for it's time to come forth in all it's fearsome, terrible power. Sealed inside one human after another to keep it's fathomless powers tethered and limited. Aware only that it's siblings, the Horsemen of War, Conquest and Death have yet to come forth.

It's reached an understanding of sorts with it's current vessel, every so often Chase lets him out to 'play' in his form with limited powers, but it's some freedom nonetheless after so many centuries chained within, until such time as the call to join with it's siblings comes..... it'll bear it.

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