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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Hakuei (Penicillin)
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Being a pest

Character Summary

Ikuhisa often works closely with hellhounds, as kashas are often employed as messengers of hell. He also displays the fickle and mischievous nature of felines but there is also the loyalty and playfulness of canines mixed in as well. The demon is still young and is struggling to find himself so he is often eager to please, when he isn't pulling pranks.
Dominion 1
Mastery: Lesser
Poison: The ability to create, manipulate, strengthen, dilute, and cure poisons.
Power Based: The stronger poisons that can be played with.
Control Based: The more specific the effects of the poisons can be.

Dominion 2
Mastery: Lesser
Pestilence: The ability to invoke, manipulate and control an array of diseases, viruses, and infections.
Power Based: Possess command over a narrower scope of disease, virus, or infection, but to a more severe effect.
Control Based: A broader selection of diseases, viruses, and infections is at your command, though the results are generally weaker and less predictable.

Dominion 3
Mastery: Major
Phasing: The ability to move through solid or semi-solid objects as if they weren’t there.
Power Based: Movement through thicker and more difficult objects.
Control Based: More ability to bring objects with you, including your clothes.

Dominion 4
Mastery: Proficient
Invisibility:The ability to become or make objects invisible.
Power Based:The greater amount of time you can make yourself invisible.
Control Based: The greater amount of people you can make invisible at once.

Dominion 5
Mastery: Minor
Animals: The communication with animals and the control of animals. The more intelligent the animal, the easier it is to communicate with and the harder it is to control.
Power Based: The better control you have over animals.
Control Based: The better communication you have with animals.

Character In-Depth

Ikuhisa had been left to his own devices from a young age, whether by design or not he has no idea. He couldn't begin to tell you who his parents were other than them having had to have been demons, one a cat and one a dog. These contradicting traits often lead him to seem to be contrary, or perhaps that was just the sign that he was born under. Ikuhisa found himself attaching to whomever showed an interest him until they tired of him and abandoned them. Even then he would continue to stalk them until he was turned against and attacked, or else someone else had chosen to take in the stray. Once he develops a bond with someone he is fiercely protective of them. He would also do anything and everything to make them happy.

Demon Information

Ikuhisa is a kasha/hellhound hybrid.

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