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Kezia Moon

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Jillian Hervey
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She, Her
He, Him

Character Summary

Kezia is a free spirit. She does whatever feels right with her. Be damned about rules and laws. She follows her heart, and she ain't ever going to put herself in a position to have to depend on someone because of it. Of course, that also means she really feeds off of her emotions. If she ain't feeling passionate about it or anything at all, it won't bother to deal with it one bit. She's very independent and ain't the type to cry over others, preferring to find other things to make her happy.

Kezia enjoys her freedom and is only willing to lose it for a greater worth. But what a greater worth is to her's hard to determine. This is due to partially be frightened to genuinely love, partially to her moving to her own pace. She also embraces chaos, finding it pretty and intriguing and very natural to life. She's loyal to very few people but tends to be trusting of no one but herself.

Kezia also tends to be a non-comformist. Well, she IS one. She ain't shy about it and doesn't care what other people believe should happen in life, particularly hers. (For instance, She ain't about finding a man, getting married, and having kids, like some people says she should.) She generally fights for the rights of all people, their bodies and whatever love they feel, along with the environment. And she's a bit of a risk taker, choosing the appeal of change over stability. Her curiosity makes her want to tackle every part of the world.

And that's her goal. To do what she wants and live how she wants to..
Justice Tier 1. Ascension to "THE SHERIFF" In the wild west, the Sheriff represents the law: all things of order, upheld in one figure of righteousness. This is a path of honest do-gooders, who seek to defend the law and make sure others respect it as well. You feel new possibilities within you. You can now have increased persuasion. You have gained sharper senses, eyesight, and hearing. The dominions superior senses, fire, telepathy, and weather are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
Gold Touch | Level 3 - Proficient

Combustion | Level 1 - Lesser

Poison | Level 1 - Lesser

Atom Smasher | Level 1 - Lesser

Character In-Depth

Kezia doesn't really consider herself as having a bad life. She figured everything that happened to her happened for a reason. Even when people say that it's sad or it's unfortunate, she often just shrugs it off. She grew up with both of her parents no doubt. And it was a happy little family to her, just her, her mom, and her dad. They often had her in activities like dancing and sports like softball, but it was often to hide the problems that they were going through from her. When Kezia reached middle school, her dad left her mom. And she really didn't understand why.

Her mom became an alcoholic after that. Stayed drinking and crying for a majority of the day. Kezia's mom ended up losing her job for lack of attendance then lost her car and the house they lived in because of lack of payment which made them move into the projects and get benefits from the government. Kezia didn't think it was so bad. Her mom wasn't abusive after all. Just useless.

Kezia went through middle and high school with this type of mother. So to keep food in their bellies and clothes on their backs, she would steal. First, it was just what was needed. Then it became valuables that weren't needed to sell for money or to give to her mom to make her a little bit happier. She knew what she was doing was inherently bad but it was a sacrifice she was willing to make to make her mom happier, to get her back to the person she was before she was in middle school.

She had dreams and asperations and wanted to travel the world and perform but because of her mom's heart break, she dropped out of school as soon as she was able and got an actual job. Being a line cook for a popular wasn't exciting. It was terribly stressful and thankless work. But it was something she knew how to do and legal money. She still had her ways of getting what she wanted though.

Now that she was a legal age Kezia was able to get the things she used to steal when she was a kid. There were plenty of men (and women) who wanted to treat those they were seeing with pretty and flashy things. So she met those people and went out on those dates and was awarded with lots of nice of things that she often gave away or sold. At the end she left on her free spirited wings. Unable to stay and happy to leave for a new place.

The money she got from these encounters often went into the care for animals and children. Many of them were in shelters and homes and needed friends and loving care so she would give her time and effort to helping the handicap kids and animals in society. Kezia has adopted three handicap animals and fostered many children since she has started her donations. And it makes her gypsy soul happy. And that's all that matters.

Demon Information

Kezia's demon is a Mexican hairless dog that feeds off of her emotions of happiness and freedom which kinda makes it derpy. It often just looks like a normal dog, but when she's super happy it reflects that by changing into color patterns similar to Mexican folk art sculptures.

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