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"In the end, we are all nothing."
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Wei Da Xun
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Character Summary

Height: 6'0 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Khenbish’s true appearance does not actually exist. One simply sees air. He can not only will an appearance but also matter for anyone to touch him. His usual appearance is that of an Asian man of Chinese heritage. He has an oval face, large lips, a few small moles on the left side of his face, and keeps his black hair short in length. His eyes have a distant gaze to them. He has a medium build and has a barrel chest despite his baby face. Khenbish doesn't have much of a sense of self. He is rather unemotional to the point one could accuse him of apathy. He talks in mumbles and has a hard time looking people in the eyes, often looking to the sides. He is also known as being very quiet. He believes that his lack of self is because he is comprised of various particles of nothing accumulated over time. He often finds himself thinking about not only the meaning of existence, but also what existence is. He also believes that material, mental, and abstract concepts are devoid of independent objective existence and that all forms of extreme emotion should be purged, that the true self is a simple state of calmness and flow. Feeling so separate from others, he does not discriminate against any classification of people. With his feelings of disconnection with others he is reluctant to do anything, often watching chaos from the sidelines with little more than a bat of an eyelid. He tends to feel melancholy and lethargy. He has strong aversion to most forms of physical work.

Character In-Depth

Khenbish’s birth was unusual. When he was created, he was simply air. It was only through his infant cries that his parents knew he existed. A spell needed to be cast, just so his they could hold him. He was promptly named Khenbish, Mongolian for nobody, as his parents were fond of the region. Being nothing, he never needed to eat. Thankfully, for the new parents he did need to sleep, though that might have been a side affect of the spell. He took the appearance of a Chinese boy, but did not gain the ability to create mass reliably until he reached adolescent age. Even before adulthood, he took an interest in philosophy and religion through out the world. The demon world had little explanation for why he was so different and what that meant, so he went out to go find that meaning. While he investigated various aspects of the world, he never felt connected to it, nor his demon brethren, always feeling separate from everyone and everything. Eventually he found the Bon Tibetan Buddhism version of Sunyata, the belief that both dreams and the world at large are illusions and stresses the experience and the experiencer. He also dabbles in everything from Confucianism, Nihilism, to Christianity. During his travels, he was able to keep up with a variety of topics from basic factual information about humanity and animals, to languages, and astronomy.

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