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Junjie Song

I will be reborn from the ashes of my past....
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Jin Akanishi
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Perpetually cheerful and seemingly impossible to ruffle, Junjie is a welcoming and at times quirky personality. Intelligent, quick witted and incredibly generous, many grow fond of him quickly. He'll give anyone the shirt off his back if he feels a person needs it more than himself. But don't let the cheerful persona fool you, he's a deeply sensitive soul. Easily touched by stories of others suffering.

Give him a purpose to fight for and he'll quickly show you the indefatigable side of himself...
Ascensions and Legacies
Empathy - Control Based- Lesser Mastery

Pheromones - Control Based - Proficient Mastery

Water - Control Based- Legendary Mastery

Scrying - Power Based - Lesser Mastery

Gravity - Power based - Major Mastery

Biomancy - Control Based- Minor Mastery

Character In-Depth

The second son of a well off family, Junjie grew up wanting for nothing. But rather than turning blind eyes to others suffering. He reached out many a time, whether that was to give someone homeless a hot meal, enough money for a room to stay safe for a few nights, or even putting a good word in to help some deserving get a job. Unfortunately his parents did not agree with these many acts of charity. For many years Junjie simply carried on his way, helping others whenever he could while furthering his education.

A few years down the track, he found himself disowned after a scandal, leading to Junjie uncovering his fathers many illegal actions. Suddenly penniless and on the streets, Junjie turned in what evidence he had to the law about his father and left his hometown. Eventually ending up in the City with no particular goal in mind, except survival.

Demon Information

A seemingly cheerful and sweet individual. Incredibly quirky and constantly changing their appearance, though the common theme, even despite the many outfit changes remains that of a silver haired androgynous human. Not even Junjie knows of his demons true gender or if they even have one. He's not bothered either way, the demon being a much welcomed companion even if they do disagree frequently.

The demon, named Moon acts many many centuries younger than it's actual age. Only ever hinting at their many years alive in the vaguest of terms. Seemingly wishing to remain eternally youthful, Moon is quite the vain and dramatic being.

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