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Dallas Blackwood

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No drugs in roleplay, but mentions are fine. Otherwise, just ask.

Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Dylan O'Brien
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PA for Cato/Kitty

Character Summary

Name: Dallas Ambrose Blackwood
Nickname: Dallas. Only his sister got away with calling him Dally.
Sexuality: Homosexual (very, very homosexual. Women range from harpies to goddesses, neither of which he finds sexually appealing.)
Height: 5'10"
Keywords: Sarcastic, fearlessly loyal, will never lie to you, just omit the truth, a gentleman hold the door until he is given a reason not to be a gentleman, in which case it is very much okay to slam the door in her fucking face.
Quirks: Everything has a place and needs to be in it's place, abhors people who chew with their mouth open, chews on pen caps, can't sleep when he's alone in bed.
Important Info: His twin sister, Lisette, lived in the City until a few months ago. He came to find out what happened to her, having long since reconciled with her, only to find that she had been devoured by a demon. Cato arranged to have the demon taken care of, and thus earned Dallas' loyalty and put him in his debt. That is how he came to work for Cato, and Kitty, and he is fiercely loyal to them because of their assistance.


The Chariot Tier 1. Ascension to "THE SAMURAI"
The samurai exemplifies the artful side of warfare. They are honor and duty-bound. The samurai prioritizes skill, be it skill in wordplay or skill in death-dealing. The samurai believes in revenge when slighted.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now manifest one weapon at will, whether or not you’re in ascension form. You are limited to the same type of weapon every time you summon it. If the first time you summon your weapon, it’s a halberd, it will always be a halberd. The dominions fire, blood, combustion, and poison are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.





Superior Strength

Superior Endurance


Character In-Depth

In most families, the birth of a child is a cause for rejoicing. It is a chance to expand the family, to bring in new life. Perhaps, if things had been a little different, then Dallas might have been more accepted than he was. He was the elder twin, and it was the first time he ever seemed to excel against his twin sister.

Where he was a colicky, gentle baby, she was bright and sweet and vibrant. He cried at the drop of a hat and she smiled charmingly. He fell and broke things and she was walking and talking with grace and poise. She learned well and he was easily distracted by new information, new things to learn. They were light and dark, Lisette and Dallas. And the divide only grew as they did.

Where once they managed to remain friends, their parents managed to divide them. As Lisette thrived, the attention drew towards her. The phrase Dallas most remembers hearing growing up was, "Why can't you be more like Lisette? Why can't you be normal?"

Dallas grew bitter, and withdrew into himself. He resented his sister and the way she made friends so much easier than him. The way she stood by as her friends mocked him, until the day that she finally began to join in. The disappointment on his parent's face grew, and the snide comments, the mockery came from them as well as he failed to live up to their expectations.

The only light in Dallas’ life were the visits from his Aunt Katherine. She was crass, and sarcastic, and rude. She didn't let anyone tell her what to do, and most importantly? She adored Dallas. She taught him how to use a camera, showed him how to trick his mind into focusing on one thing at a time without curbing his curiosity. And most importantly? She listened, and she conversed with him. She accepted him.

She accepted him even where his parents shunned him. Where his father hated him, was disgusted by him, when he admitted that he had no interest in the girls his father kept trying to promote interest in, in hopes for a merger between businesses in the future. When his father cast him out, she took him in and took him with her. Home schooled him and took him to see the world. Taught him languages and how to live off of the land when one of the stories she chased was off the beaten path.

A world of magic and adventure awaited him, and he thrived. But even then, that niggling doubt remained. He wasn't as big and strong as the men who traveled with Aunt Katherine. He couldn't protect her, couldn't carry as much, couldn't--

It was moments like these that his demon whispered to him. Outside of the toxic environment where she could only support him so much without his sister or his parents undoing all of her work, Beau told him he was strong. She spoke of strength, of a desire for more. Of a craving for power and what talents he did have. None of the men around them could repeat what they saw, could they? Their powers lay only in their strength, not in their mind and their flexibility. He could grow and exceed the expectations of others, if he only put his mind to it. And more importantly, none of them could handle his Aunt, could keep her on task and on schedule like he could.

Her whispers gave him strength, and coupled with his Aunt's brash affection, he thrived. The doubt remained, but as he got older and grew into himself more, he found that he wasn't nearly as unattractive as he thought. It wasn't hard for him to find a lover when they visited a new place, a one night stand or a few weeks of passion, he grew into his sensuality and sexuality, and he broke many a lad's heart when he moved on. Beau was proud of him.

An accident brought them back home to Texas, though not near his family. Aunt Katherine needed to recover from a few broken bones, and it was time for them to catch their breaths. He received a surprise: a letter from his sister. She apologized to him, and spoke of the falling out she'd had with their parents. She'd moved to the City, and she loved it there. She had finally escaped the pressure of being the doll their mother and father expected her to be. He hesitated over it, but with urging from his Aunt and from Beau, he wrote her back. They did not speak of the past, but of their current futures, and things were going well... until she wrote about a worry she had. Sometimes, she claimed, she felt like she was being followed on her way home from work. She worried that she was being stalked. She didn't feel safe, and even her demon was unsettled.

And then the letters stopped.

Unable to let it rest, Dallas bid his Aunt goodbye, and went to the City to look for her. He looked desperately for her, seeking help from Legion and from private contractors. None of them found anything, until the day he met Cato. It had been chance, but that chance allowed him to learn the truth of his sister’s fate… and it was Cato, not Legion with their laws and their rules, who allowed him to get the vengeance he needed from the demon.

That boon is what granted Cato, and through Cato, Kitty, Dallas’ loyalty. He now works as both of their Personal Assistants, and without fail he will stand by them. Because Dallas Blackwood was raised to honor his allies and remain loyal through all walks of life. And he will not stray from his moral path.

Demon Information

Though Beau does dearly care for her current host, she can without a doubt say that her
favorite host was Boudica. So much so was her regard for the woman that she has taken
on her form, or one that she claims resembles her. Beau is a serious demon, who believes
in honor above all else. Honor and loyalty to those that show themselves as your ally.

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