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"Nature is cold, wet, hard, and unforgiving."
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Cameron Dallas
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Hoodlum, Hoarder

Character Summary


His name is Nix and he is an ice dragon demon. He just woke up from a 1000 year hibernation with his memory wiped. He wandered into the City and walked around like a lost puppy. Luckily, he found a home in and a new family with the Ghost Town Boys. He needs all the help he can get considering he knows nothing about the modern world and wants nothing more than to build his big, blue hoard.

❆ Nix is obsessed with the color blue.
❆ Nix collects and hoards all things blue.
❆ Nix especially loves blue stones (such as sapphire).
❆ Nix likes boys, girls, and everything between.
❆ He also loves to hoard people he finds attractive.
❆ Nix loves keeping up with fashion trends and even setting news ones.
❆ Nix is a walking air conditioner.
❆ Nix prefers cold weather.
❆ Nix eats frozen human flesh
❆ Don't worry thought! He wont eat if you he thinks you're his friend... or his property!
❆ All beings fall into one of four categories: friend, foe, food, or fuck. Sometimes there is overlap.
Ascensions and Legacies
❆ ICE (legendary, control)
❆ WEATHER (greater, control)
❆ AIR (greater, control)
❆ WATER (major, control)
❆ FLIGHT (minor, control)
❆ SUPERIOR STRENGTH (proficient, control)

Character In-Depth


Nix is an impure dragon offspring of a prominent water dragon and prominent air dragon. As an impure dragon, he was cast out. He could live neither with the water dragons nor the air dragons. So Nix lived alone. He was a solo dragon who made a home for himself at the very northernmost tip of the globe. From his territory, he pushed into human cultures in the northernmost parts of North America, Europe, and Siberia. Like any good dragon, he destroyed villages, stole valuable goods, devoured warriors, kidnapped princes and princesses, and was generally a menace to numerous cultures.

But one day, Nix overstepped his boundaries. He began pushing into the territory of other dragons - dragons who would never let a foolish, impure dragon like Nix go unpunished. The dragons attacked. They destroyed his home. They looted his hoard. They nearly killed him.

Left for dead, Nix sunk to the bottom of cold, northern seas. He was encased in ice and fell into a deep hibernation. It was a magical cryogenic accident. He was frozen over and saved from death. He slept for over a thousand years until he finally awoke. His body was fully recovered, but his mind and his dominions were still damaged. Nix's memories were wiped away. All he knew was his name and that he was a dragons. And his dominions were weakened. After nearly dying and lack of use for nearly a thousand years, they were not at the same mastery level they once were.

Although Nix was confused, he was eager to explore the new world. He managed to find the city and stumbled upon a gang known as "The Ghost Town Boys." It was then that Nix found his new home and made new friends. The foundation was set. Nix could start doing what dragons did best all over again!

In his human form, Nix looks like a charming, sweet young man with dark hair, dark eyes, and blue skin. His human form appears harmless, but looks can be deceiving! In his "demon form," he is a large dragon with black and blue scales. He has features resembling both water and air dragons (such as fins and gills to aid in swimming underwater and two sets of powerful, foldable wings for aerodynamics and kicking up wind). His dominions are used primary to freeze his surroundings (including his prey). He loves to feast on frozen human flesh.

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