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Riven Lennon

~Déan dom beo arís~
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Kenneth Bek
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Age: 30

Height: 6'2

Weight: 175lbs

Build: Muscular/Fit


Sarcastic, wise ass, loyal, distrusting (of himself), emotionally driven. Riven's a hard working, self sacrificing type. Driven to help others who cannot help themselves. Seeking to find some self worth in doing so. Convinced he's really nothing that special or deserving of anything after a traumatic event. He wears his heart on his sleeve and despite his tough guy demeanor, has a heart of gold. He doesn't hesitate to throw himself in harms way to save someone else, he'll passionately defend someone in need, though this may lead to trouble for him, as he lets his heart overrule his head. He often fights against restrictions instinctively, particularly when laws get in the way of what he thinks is well deserved justice being dished out.
Ascensions and Legacies
Fire - Power Based- Greater Level 5

Electricity - Control based - Proficient Level 3

Hallucinations - Power based- Major Level 4

Metal - Control based- Lesser 1

Shape Shifter - Control based- Lesser 1

Weather - Power based - Proficient 3

Character In-Depth

Growing up in rural Ireland, Riven had a fairly boring childhood. Left to his own devices more often than not, after his mother vanished and his father in turn, became depressed. Mourning the loss of his wife. Ignored, bitter and craving attention, Riven acted out at school constantly. Throwing himself into fights at the slightest provocation. More often than not, someone else had started it by picking on another child. But most only saw him as a bully himself, rather than the loyal defender he was.

Fast forward to his teen years, he fell in with the wrong crowd. Vulnerable to the promise of having someone to watch his back, to bond with. He didn't know any better, he was lonely. He thrived in a gang, needing a physical outlet for his seemingly uncontrollable emotions. Violence was as good as any to his mind, no-one cared for him but the gang he thought, no-one missed him back home, he'd rather go down fighting for a cause, even if it wasn't a 'good' one.

Years passed, the gang delving deeper and deeper into the black market. Drugs started being sold, members started using, young promising members caved to addiction, some overdosing and being found dead. The violence and brutality worsened. Petty fights divided the once tightly bonded group, greed taking over. Eventually it hit breaking point, a full on bloody revolt began one night. Riven fled. Wanting no part in the murderous rampage. Sick to his stomach over what had become of the gang. It was a revelation of sorts, opening his eyes.

Now lost and wandering aimlessly, but needing a way to survive. He started picking up odd jobs here and there. Working honestly for the first time in his life. It felt.... good. Working his way up, he got off the streets. Rented an apartment. Eventually he felt restless, like he was standing still and not really progressing or helping anyone. He came to the idea of redeeming himself, he'd done so much in his years in the gang that now it made him feel sick to his stomach to think about it. He joined the Police force, throwing himself into working for the side of the law. Surprised, but grateful when it proved as good of an outlet for him and his demon as violence in the gangs had all those years ago. The restlessness faded, he still didn't think himself deserving of redemption, but it was a start.

Demon Information

More instinct than anything, Kit as Riven dubbed him frequently appears in the guise of a kitsune made of flame. When ever he chooses to appear at all. At the mercy of his whims, Kit appears to have little motivation beyond enduring life as a demon bound to a human. Frequently when poked at by Riven, no response is given. Anti social to the extreme. he only really responds when he senses strong emotions at work. Adding fuel to the fire or frequently expressing his annoyance at being disturbed through aggression. Very rarely, after a longer than usual period without being called upon, he may deign to initiate contact himself with his human.

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