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Bárðr Inn Prúði

I'm not spend my life searching for answers, I'm finding truth
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Character Information

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Human with Primal Demon
Matt Davis
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he, him
It, him

Character Summary

BÁRÐR INN PRÚÐI is a rather interesting individual, usually referred to as Bard or Purdy though most that call him that have to be someone he likes otherwise they may end up injured. He comes from an obvious Scandinavian background, hence his hard to spell and pronouncing name. He grew up in the same countries of his name origin, learning all kinds of useful things about surviving the wilds and hunting but he also learned history. Even being on Archaeological dig sites from a young age, which gave him a great appreciation of history in it's many forms.

As such he became an Archaeologist but not one of the ones stuck in a building teaching idiot colleague students, he was a field man and was always prepared when out in the field. He's stayed down grave robbers, bandits and military/government types in protection of his dig and the people working there. Though he does prefer to talk his way out of things, Bard can be a little full on when his people or sites are in immediate danger. Having punched out officials and authority figures on numerous occasions, even spent time in foreign prisoners for his actions. This was little issue for him as he could survive the wilds easily and the prison system wasn't any more of an issue plus his size and stature generally lets people know he's not to be trifled with.


Character In-Depth

Bard was born in Norway to nature and history enthusiasts, who basically reared him in the wild with them as they went around the whole of Scandinavia looking into archaeological sites. He learned to walk around ancient ruins and learned to talk in both modern and ancient Nordic tongues, he also knows how to speak most Scandinavian languages fluently having grown up amongst them. He never went to formal schooling the same way other children did but he still had a good childhood and played with children, those of other archaeologists and the townsfolk in places they were having dig sites at.

When his demon came out, Bard found out that his was Primal but that didn't bother him. There was still a connection of sorts, and it wasn't any kind of problem for the boy and seemed to enjoy the natural areas he grew up in and the history that he learned as he grew. When he became a teenager Bard was a full fledged member of the digs he went on with his parents, becoming as much as an expert on it as his parents were Bard worked along side everyone else as an equal. Even making several discoveries of his own while digging, around 15 Bard was on a dig with the other members while his parents had gone into town.

A military group in the country they were in was getting annoyed with the influx of people, from places outside of their country. So while the bosses were in town they invaded camp with a small force, the look outs that were hired from nearby towns gave them the heads up. Rumour had predicted their arrival around town and their annoyance with the dig site, wanting to destroy it and the people working on it. This ticked Bard off and he with some of the other children and site members, set up some traps to ensnare the small military force. Using the natural environment around them, they repelled the force and kept them away from the dig as his parents were called to get in touch with the countries leaders.

It seemed they were acting on their own and were jailed for their crimes, Bard was praised for his quick thinking and they continued digging. As he became an adult Bard joined digs in different places then his parents, giving him more freedom and even though he loved his parents he also enjoyed the work too. So he went on several different digs across the world, some in countries that were chaotic in the solidification of the government. As such he came to literal blows with military and government officials on a couple of occasions, two of these occasions landed him in some horrible jails. Thankfully this allowed his people to escape while they took him in, he spent a few years in each place however most in said prisons didn't cause him issue at least in regards to inmates.

He was often quite large compared to most others because of his Nordic background, making him quite tall and broad shouldered though he did have to defend himself a couple of times most of those were orders from guards or the officials he'd caused trouble with. Once he did his time Bard was out and doing digs once again, never backing down from those who would try and upset his dig or the work at it. He'd fought off robbers and bandits a couple of times after his imprisonment but this didn't cause more trouble since no one cared for them, he continued his work until he got an invitation to that strange tower place. He'd always wanted to see what truths he could find there, both related to humans and demons.

Demon Information

Bard's demon is a primal one, as such it's not all that human in appearance and he isn't sure of it's gender. Though it's likely male given that it appears as a Stag, resembling one of the stags on the trunk of Yggdrasil the Nordic tree of life that connects the nine realms. Whether this has any true connection to the myth or not is uncertain, but he's always had a pretty good connection with the creature living within him.

Bard calls him Dáinn after one of the said same stags, and he seems to have taken to the name. The demon seems to draw energy from natural areas, or at least natural things such as trees and actual ground. Though never taking too much, so as not to upset the balance. Whether this is a show that it's good or simply smart enough not to take too much is uncertain but Bard has never had a problem with Dáinn.

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